Dennis Johnson
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Hello Fellow Adobe Educational Exchange Participants! I teach Dreamweaver to college level students. The course meets one day a week for ten weeks, and is an all day class, which can be challenging in itself. As a graphic designer, an area of focus for the class is on best design practices and design trends in web design. My approach to Dreamweaver is from a design perspective, relying on design view, using Dreamweaver's templates. I know students should understand code and html to work on web sites, however, I find most students are very challenged by code and html. The student's goal for the course is to have their own web site by the end of this course. After 5 weeks, I introduce Muse, and find most students use Muse to complete their web sites. Muse being a more "user friendly" program, particularly for visual learners.

Has anyone have any thought or ideas, or experienced approaching web design with this hybrid approach?

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Peggy Cook

Posted on 4/15/14 5:37:01 PM Permalink

I teach high school Web Design in Texas and all web students are required to have at least 3 six weeks training in html. They find that it makes a lot of sense once they learn it.

carolyn brown

Posted on 10/15/13 7:20:16 PM Permalink

Hi Dennis, I teach Web Design at a Community College, this class is about the visual design or graphic design part of web sites. I used to use Dreamweaver as the design tool without requiring students to know HTML, but they still had to deal with CSS so they could save and apply styles across pages. The students hated the CSS part of the class. Now I only use Muse and things are much smoother and they can produce their finished sites on Business Catalyst which is a nice bonus.

Joan Maresh Hansen

Posted on 10/19/13 1:07:50 PM Permalink

Carol, Thanks for the information, I have been out of my lab for years and look forward to getting updated myself in the newer technologies for training and applications in the classroom. Thanks!