Lukas Engqvist
Media Teacher

Acrobat Porfolios, Acrobat Mobile and PDF on iPads

Abobe mobile does not support flash based content, something we easily forget and now needs to be taken into account. In the visual design curriculum it is centred around digital portfolios (and the curriculae are also presented as PDF portfolios to download). On the Ipad these will have limited viewing. Most portfolios will work in flie list mode, but not all The Visual Design CS6 ie will not work on my iPad, the Digital Video CS6 I got to work just fine (in file list mode).

I am nt sure if this should affect how we present our courses, I just wanted to give a heads up (and an explanation why it may not look on iPad as on a desktop)

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Lukas Engqvist

Posted on 10/16/14 8:13:14 PM Permalink

Is it time to now switch to fixed layout ePub when teaching students how to make a portfolio? Or is Behance a better alternative. If it's ePub, DPS or Acrobat it most likely will be compiled in InDesign and then exported, but the choice does affect what features can be used?

Nancy Parker

Posted on 7/25/13 10:32:11 PM Permalink

It is a must for the Visual Design curricula to work on all digital devices! The educator will need to make the best choice for creating the content that will work. There are many new tools for testing in different browsers and with different devices built into many new versions of Adobe products.

Meredith Blache

Posted on 7/24/12 2:02:22 AM Permalink

Another side note, some curricum being developed incudes video tutorials. It is important to use a video format that can be viewed on a mobile device including devices such as smart phones.