Eliot Attridge
AEL, Head of Science & Director of Innovative Learning

Course Completion and LinkedIn

When we do a course I think that it would be useful if we could have an official link to LinkedIn.

When you finish a course with there is a certificate and page that enables it to be linked to from LinkedIn, could we not have the same for the Adobe courses?

What do people think?

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Salah A. Jibril

Posted on 11/15/17 8:24:03 PM Permalink


Navaz kerawalla

Posted on 12/2/14 2:57:54 AM Permalink

That sounds like a terrific idea. A good way for employers to get a quick snapshot of your achievements.

Jody Campbell

Posted on 8/14/14 2:36:17 AM Permalink


Since Linkedin is not a part of Adobe I can see why this might not be easy to do but perhaps it could/should be possible with Behanced?

Clint Balsar

Posted on 8/5/14 4:01:53 AM Permalink

I just tested it out myself, and I now know exactly what you mean. I would really like that functionality added too.

Joseph Walsh

Posted on 8/4/14 6:19:53 AM Permalink

It is nice to be able to show the badge/certificate and I wonder if the badges Sjaani van den Berg is referring to are able to be built into a digital resume as a link. Hmm.

Eliot Attridge

Posted on 8/4/14 10:43:09 AM Permalink

Yes- that would be a good idea. Currently I can post my Credly Badge via a share button within Credly. This then produces a 'This is what i have done' style message in my main feed, but not the profile (which is like a CV in a way).

I have found a + button at the top of the Linkedin profile page where links can be added, but linking the Credly badge just leads to an error.

The advantage of other companies with certificates for completed training is that they get directly published in the profile. So I get a message within saying publish to Linkedin, this then creates the entry (pretty much what Credly has for the badge) within the profile.

Either there should be provision for Credly to publish to Linkedin in this way or Adobe authenticates and allows the information out. As Adobe have a lot of courses (and being qualified in aspects is a thing that attracts others both to the product and the training) I think that this would be a good idea.

Jody Campbell

Posted on 8/14/14 2:39:06 AM Permalink

Hey Joseph,

I really like the idea of a icon would be really simple to make, wonder how EDEX would feel about it's icons use in this manner.......hmmmm....think I will ask them.

Sjaani van den Berg

Posted on 8/4/14 2:24:24 AM Permalink

Hi Eliot,

EdEx is using Credly to give us digital badges which can then easily be shared to sites like LinkedIn.

After each course I receive an email from Credly indicating that I have been given a badge.
Their pages contain information about the badge, who gave you the badge as well as a link back to the course which you took.

Eliot Attridge

Posted on 8/4/14 4:32:48 AM Permalink

Yes, but it doesn't allow for the badge to be added to the Linkedin profile. So- I do have a twitter like message on my home feed saying I have done the course, but unlike other licensed providers it cannot be added to my profile. So it does not look anywhere near as professional as courses done elsewhere. Plus unless someone wants to read my home feed, rather than my profile, they will not know I have completed it.

I think we should be able to have the certificate available in the Linkedin Certificates area of our profiles.

Sjaani van den Berg

Posted on 8/5/14 3:25:40 AM Permalink

I have all mine listed under the Certifications area.

Cassandra Lee

Posted on 2/27/16 11:48:21 AM Permalink

How long does it take for one to get the course certificate and badge after the course is officially over? Thanks.