George Joeckel
Product Development Manager

Dynamic PDF Study Guides for Adobe Reader

In several online courses at Utah State University, we have developed writeable, printable and savable PDF study guides that work in Adobe Reader. Anybody else doing something similar? Would this work in your context? 

These forms are developed in LiveCycle Designer, and feature dynamic elements such as:

  • expandable text fields
  • "collapsable" sections for hiding sections not currently in use (e.g.- instructions after they have been read)
  • validation of text or number fields
Here are the benefits to students:
  • Reader is free
  • PDFs work offline-- no internet needed after download, and no browser issues Smile
  • Printed copies identical to visual display
  • Accessibility
Here's a "how to" video: I've attached a sample.
  • Acrobat

    The complete PDF solution for working anywhere. (includes desktop, web, and mobile access)

  • LiveCycle

    Automate the completion and processing of critical service forms.

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George Joeckel

Posted on 8/13/12 4:28:48 PM Permalink

Thanks for the post David!

If you are able, would mind posting an example?

David Imrie

Posted on 8/13/12 1:36:19 PM Permalink

I use Acrobat 9 Pro to create accessible resources for school pupils with print disabilities in Scotland. I build e-textbooks, worksheets, and assessments. Our exam body, the Scottish Qualifications Authority, allow disabled pupils to sit exams using digital versions of paper assessments.

George Joeckel

Posted on 8/6/12 3:35:41 PM Permalink

Thanks for the comment Krisitie! It would be great to see what you've built.

TJ: I have been trying to scrape together some time to check out FormsCentral. I have heard a lot of good things!

Kristie MacLaughlin

Posted on 8/3/12 10:42:22 PM Permalink

Oh, I almost forgot; I use to help me collect the data as well. Freaking AWESOME.

TJ Fletcher

Posted on 8/4/12 2:40:55 AM Permalink

Have you also looked at Adobe® FormsCentral? I realize that it doesn't meet one of George's benefits above (offline availability), but it's pretty slick.

Kristie MacLaughlin

Posted on 8/3/12 10:40:38 PM Permalink

I just got through creating teacher evaluation forms for my administrators using dynamic PDFs; Leslie Fisher did an amazing course at ISTE on them. I *thought* I knew everything I needed to know about PDFs, but she really opened my eyes to how much I have not been utilizing!