Eliot Attridge
AEL, Head of Science & Director of e-Learning

Invites and Sharing for AEE

Can someone let me know the best way of inviting a friend to AEE? I see that there are points available for doing this, but I am not sure how Adobe knows I've sent an invite? Also, once invited, say they join AEE, how do they know I referred them?

Related to this- how do we socially share a resource, discussion or page? Is there some kind of robot going through twitter and facebook looking for these (and what tags are used?).

I've not seen a FAQ document for AEE, is there one and if not should there be?

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sandro c mendes

Posted on 8/18/14 9:45:58 PM Permalink

Good question!

Adobe Education

Posted on 8/18/14 7:07:19 PM Permalink

By the way, if you have feedback for us about the AEE, please use the Feedback Form. This is the best way to send us feature requests, document bug reports, and provide any other feedback you may have.

uma ravi

Posted on 7/16/14 9:15:30 AM Permalink

Thanks this is an eye opener for me,i will stat using the invite box and the help center.

Adobe Education

Posted on 6/5/14 7:02:48 PM Permalink

To invite a colleague to join the AEE, please use the invite box at the very bottom right of the homepage. You can enter multiple email addresses and send invites to all of them at once. You must be signed in to do this.

To socially share content, hover over the share icon at the top right of content pages (between the flag and heart icons). You can select from Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. We'd love for you to use the #AdobeEDEX hashtag when you're sharing content socially.

Regarding an FAQ, we have a Help Center that provides information about how to use many of the features and functionality on the AEE. It's a great resource for when you have questions.

Eliot Attridge

Posted on 6/5/14 9:19:22 PM Permalink

That's brilliant- the reason I don't see the home page is I've bookmarked the professional development page. I can now send them out.

It might be an idea to have the sharing and invites at the bottom of all pages on the site?

Jody Campbell

Posted on 8/6/14 11:41:36 PM Permalink

I would add to the wish list a cheat sheet page of the interface.