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Which Web Browsers do Adobe Exchange work with?

I primarily use Mozilla Firefox as my preferred browser.

When I initially began attempting to login and use the Adobe Education Exchange, I was not able to login or get any response by clicking on buttons or links. I tried clearing my cache, restarting my browser, and many other help recommended solutions, without success.

I was only successful accessing the material and services of the Adobe Education Exchange via Microsoft Internet Explorer.

This is not acceptable in my book of "BEST Practices", however, I will use this unfavorable browser for now, if only for the purposes of this training. I am just beginning my experience with Adobe Education Exchange and I am already disappointed!

Has anyone else experienced this problem?


G. Tomas Corsini Sr.

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Tomasz Czech

Posted on 7/30/13 10:50:05 AM Permalink

Hi, I'm using Google Chrome and I have no problems.

terry lau

Posted on 7/26/13 12:10:05 AM Permalink

hey G Tomas

Is your Firefox up to dated? I'm using firefox too. but i'm running fine. ( using Mac )


Mike Skocko

Posted on 7/22/13 3:17:18 AM Permalink

Everyone experiences a glitch now and then on the Web. In the past, I've had an issue or two logging in but it's been quite a while since the last one. I'm on a Mac so no IE but I just logged in with Firefox, Chrome, and Safari in succession.

Don't let a glitch dissuade you from exploring the site.


G Tomas Corsini Sr

Posted on 7/22/13 9:19:22 AM Permalink

Thank you Mike.

I appreciate the feedback. I have been successful in using IE, Safari, Chrome, and Opera, however I still cannot login using Firefox. I am just going to use Safari as my alternate.

Thanks again for the response.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 7/22/13 11:29:40 AM Permalink

Weird. The crew behind the scenes on the Exchange are pretty responsive. If you send details to they'll look into it. Include OS and Firefox info. (But you already knew that.)

I'll be seeing the main man behind the curtain next week at Adobe. Believe me, I know he doesn't want issues like yours hindering a community member's experience.