Rajesh Krishnan

Self Evaluation of creativity

The topic of discussion in any art class is to bring out the creativity in individuals, students, teachers or professionals by us. Perhaps a better starting place would be to understand our own creativity levels. Any experiences, best practices and thoughts on how we go about it. An oft repeated statement is that creativity diminishes as we age. Whether true or not, how to sustain our creativity levels, measuring methods and ensure that we infuse greater or better techniques to bring out creativity in others.

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Janet Harris

Posted on 7/1/14 11:03:40 PM Permalink

I think we have to be life-long learners and life-long creative thinkers. If we want our students to be creative we need to model creativity. I do not feel that I am very creative on my own and I have to consistently collaborate with others to be creative. Hopefully, I am growing my creativity and I measure it by the level of creativity in my students' work.

Dave Pember

Posted on 7/1/14 8:28:59 PM Permalink

I have found that using a Project Based Learning approach forces students to consider many options, introduces new paths they hadn't considered and forces them to use some critical thinking and reflection. They must keep notes of their discoveries and brainstorm ideas. This can be as deep or surface as the instructor wishes it to go depending on the time and schedule.

Kevin Cagno

Posted on 2/26/14 4:31:31 PM Permalink

The thing that works best in my class is doing a lot of peer reviews and collaborative work. This helps the students to not only think critically and reflect on their own work but also the work of others. For myself I just try to stay active in the industry while teaching. I find that also working with the students pushes my own creativity.

I have most of my students for 4 years so we can look back at previous work vs. current work so that they can see the growth.

Bonnie Taylor

Posted on 2/24/14 10:06:03 PM Permalink

The key is to have students "reflect". Students need to evaluation themselves more critically to measure their own growth.

carolyn brown

Posted on 10/22/13 7:42:25 PM Permalink

I don't teach photography classes, but I require students to take photos in graphic design and video classes. Taking photos really helps them "see" and "compose" and expand their visual creativity.

Max Tuchman

Posted on 10/22/13 7:26:49 PM Permalink

Wow! Couldn't have said it better my self!