Bhuvana Sriram
Post Graduate Teacher

Teaching with less facilities

I am working in D.T.E.A.Sr. Sec.School, New Delhi. We are having students who are first learners of the family and in our school we don't have digital class rooms. We have an equipped computer lab and not very easily accessible to students. Can any one help me to give an idea how best I can make use of this availability.

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Steve Adler

Posted on 10/17/14 1:12:29 PM Permalink

You might want to check out the Resources at Adobe Youthvoices

What I like about AYV is the variety of resources based on many different themes. Many of the activities do not require access to a lab, and are perfect in a traditional classroom environment. They can be scaffolded so that students have a clear plan towards an end goal. Then when you can book time in the lab, they are able to make the most use of it (80% preparation 20% technology). In fact many of the projects and resources can be used to give students the exposure to thinking, expressing, and collaborating on a topic. You can then transition this to a more digital environment as appropriate.

Bhuvana Sriram

Posted on 10/17/14 2:00:27 PM Permalink

Thanks Steve for your nice plan of action. We have been doing the type of activities which do not require the technology access in the class rooms and in the final stage we give hands on practice to explore different tools of Premiere Elements.