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How are Teachers using the free Adobe CC apps on the IPad to enhance their teaching and learning?

Interested in hearing from teachers about how they are using the free Adobe CC apps on the IPads to enhance their student outcomes. Looking for some practical examples that would benefit other teachers programs.

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Judy Durkin

Posted on 12/30/17 1:31:27 AM Permalink

​I am building a 1-semester curriculum for 9th grade Mobile Apps. I will post it within the week.

jeniffer homes

Posted on 6/23/16 5:41:15 AM Permalink

our 12 students work without general internet access on iPads . And So far we have field tested, Mix, Fix, Sketch, Draw, Spark, PhotoShop Touch, & Lightroom. I let the student use my iPhone to capture, and my computer to let the student download the vectors onto a flash drive, and then she can use them with the CS6.


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Jude Baca

Posted on 5/25/16 9:45:25 PM Permalink

I would like to work with others to create a National Core Arts Standard based curriculum for Adobe iOS apps only. My 7/8 students work on iPads only and without general internet access. So far we have field tested, PhotoShop Touch, Slate, Capture, Lightroom, Mix, Fix, Sketch, Draw, Spark Post and getting to Clip and Voice. Our projects range from dig. photo, graphic design, commercial design, robotics, advertising and commercials, etc.

Larissa Warren

Posted on 5/3/16 7:39:57 AM Permalink

My year 12 Visual Art students are using Slate to create a digital personal critique of their folio 'Restoration'. The results have been extremely impressive. Students had the option to use powerpoint and no one did. I have a resource on display in my exchange with some Photoshop Mix experiments this class have also created. My year 7 Media class use Capture- to create vector shapes, Illustrator Draw, and Sketch to create Logo Designs. (there is also a resource for this too).

Bertha Kirschten

Posted on 4/21/16 2:56:51 AM Permalink

This year I have used Voice for several projects across the grade levels. Grade 1 used Voice to present their animal research projects. Grade 7 used Voice to create a School Improvement project in which they presented ideas on projects/ideas to improve the school. They presented to the School Board to see if they can get some of their project ideas implemented for the next school year. My Grade 9 students used Voice to create projects on Cybersafety for the younger students.

My Grade 7 students used Slate to present a book report. My Grade 9 students used Slate to create Cybersafety projects for the younger students.

We use PS Mix, Fix and Capture to create/edit images to use in their Voice and Slate projects.

Glenn Godenho

Posted on 4/20/16 9:12:39 PM Permalink

Worth taking the "Digital Storytelling with Adobe Mobile & Web Apps" course which is running at the moment. Some great examples of what can be done with Adobe Voice and Slate, and also Photoshop Mix and Fix apps.

Tobin Herringshaw

Posted on 4/19/16 1:43:16 AM Permalink

I've been using the mobile tools on my iPhone to allow students to incorporate the Shape App for animation. My student prefers to start with pencil and paper, and then ingest the images into the digital environment to animate. Since I have CS6 on their computers but CC on mine (at least until next year), I let the student use my iPhone to capture, and my computer to let the student download the vectors onto a flash drive, and then she can use them with the CS6. Next year, I will fully incorporate using CC on all the computers and the new educational licensing program. I've also had a students use the Color App to create designs specific to something already installed in the school with a specific color and look. It's a great exercise in having them learn how to utilize color to communicate. We used this for our yearbook, matching color schemes to the actual school grounds and designs.

Hope this helps!

Larissa Warren

Posted on 5/3/16 7:42:30 AM Permalink

Sounds like what I was doing last year. (a bit exhausting!) My campus now has CC on all student laptops, the new licensing worked out to be very cost effective- and its brilliant. :)

Kristoffer Smith

Posted on 4/13/16 3:11:03 PM Permalink

Use Adobe Premiere Clip to make easy great looking videos. This is especially good for teachers that don't have a full arsenal of cameras and computers available.