Barbara Hender

Inability to access resources for Online course

I am disappointed that I have been unable to access the resources for the online course.

It has taken me more than 5 days to enrol in your course(after using different devices and options), and I have received NO response to the email contacts that I have sent. 

Today, I have managed to enrol. Yeah!  I now find, that I have missed the webinars, and the time difference in a global environment clashed with work commitments, even if possible.

Through enrolment, I am trying to access course material, but all I get is a 404 error message. I keep on going around in circles, with no option to access the materials.  As a competent operator of online material, I find this a very disappointing position to be in.  I have spent over 1 hour trying to work out the navigation of the online course, and each time having no success, and with no option to seek assistance.  I am not interested in gaining a badge (it appears I have gained 3 already!) for what seems to be no learning.  I am really interested in learning about the advertised material, but I am stumped as how to proceed or even communicate to Adobe, hence I have posted to this forum.

I wonder how others are faring, or is this just a problem at my end!

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regina stehney

Posted on 8/12/13 5:26:17 PM Permalink

I am disappointed that I have been unable to access the resources for the online course as well! I never found the course!!I was told i was registered but then I was told they were full! I gave up.

Barbara Hender

Posted on 8/14/13 3:19:30 PM Permalink

Regina, If you have been able to post this comment, then I would assume that you are IN the course. Maybe the Adobe experts can confirm this, but from my end it sort of looks llike the logical conclusion to make. If so, the material is still available from my understanding of availabilty and you can still access it.

Now the challenge is how to make the material appear....I know that if I sign in, and go to my profile, that I can get to the course page, rather than the obvious link. I am sure that the AdobeTechs are working on correcting this, as from other postings this is the first MOOC that has been launched (and they are fixing up the errors detected as per the original content of my post) So I am hoping for a positive outcome for you.

Adobe Education

Posted on 8/15/13 1:42:19 PM Permalink

Hi Regina - I can confirm that you are enrolled in the course and I believe that we responded to your prior email with information on how to access the course. You'll need to make sure you're signed into the AEE, go to the course homepage, and follow the directions to get started with Week 1. We're 4 weeks in at this point, so you have some catching up to do, but if you don't have time to catch up, you can enroll again when we offer the course in the future.

Barbara Hender

Posted on 8/11/13 9:45:40 AM Permalink

End of week 2 program (3 weeks in actual time) and I have submitted "THE" homework. I feel that I haven't meet the deadlines set, as a good student should do, but hey, I am still there, and thankyou to those who have posted supportive comments. It is pleasing to see that the Course has allowed some extension of deadlines. Perhaps a few more "general announcements" of concerns would be appropriate - and it is good to see the current announcements on the 'home' page.

I had some issues with downloading and configuring Adobe Acrobat XI, but had some excellent support via Chat from Adobe Services. Alas, it was an error 213:19. (Yes, the 213:19 error, LOL) I felt doomed, but my enquiry, was handled by an online "cyber" operator, and then got escalated to an installation service. Very impressed, (they are very supportive and I would acknowledge them here (by name) if I had saved the chat session), but I also learnt some knowledge and a few skills along the way. I had started a Word document (safe and boring!), because I was very conscious of my time, but finally was able to submit a pdf (using XI and learning new software), and get the green tick to comment and rate on other participant's assignments. (Forget about time - I am up to a 4 hr + session!! )

I had a few issues with rating other assignments, which I thought I had completed, but when I returned to the course page, it seemed it hadn't registered. With much gusto, I leapt back to my fellow participant's submissions, and pressed and pressed the ratings button, until the object had no choice but to accept my input....I wonder if the 'click is mightier than the pen'. !! But, hey the technique worked and I have completed Week 2.

On further investigation in some forums, it appears that I was not alone in my inability to 'rate' others (just found out about this, after I have completed my HW - my week's objective was to submit my homework!). I would like to pose the question of why we are rating other 'student' homework submissions. Is it an exercise in using the 'rating' option, or actually rating ideas, response or creativity. The instruction on what to include in one's response does not state what is required. As educators, when we assess or assign feedback we do this against a criteria, rubric or some clearly stated criteria. Some responses have a lesson plan/outline, others do not (I would like to comment that to get a submission uploaded is wonderful, regardless of whether it mets ones criteria of correct or not- the participant has managed to identify the need to complete the work, provided some response and interacted with the course medium and uploaded their response). Pretty good. It supports Sir Robinson's view of how do we change the mindset, of not allowing learners to "Take a go, and take a chance. Not prepared to be wrong?" Rating against a hidden or personal criteria???? Interesting !

If we use the learning from week 1 & 2, it would have been good to have a sample of what is required in the documentation (what is to be achieved! and for the adult audience as it is adult learning contect we are using (although in some instances the plan has reverted to delivery to students,rather than delivery to an adult audience)). Are we rating the 'idea' or the way it has been written up? Is the audience 'student or 'adult and fellow educators'? I appreciate that we want to support the 'creativity' of a response, but the requirement seems rather 'black 'n' white'. Congrats to all that got a response in and worked with the task requirement. I find out now, that it seems that one needs to develop a plan for implementation to our colleagues. I personally, might rethink my original submission, but in reality, that is what my colleagues have asked for! Catch-22! Not really glam but practical and immediately implementable! And now, I must more onto week 3 material ...only one week late!

Barbara Hender

Posted on 8/5/13 2:23:09 PM Permalink

I found the homework! I decided to select that I have finished the final step, and up popped the assignment (which I assume is the homework - a paragraph or two about yourself). Could I suggest you edit the instructions in the final step to explain that this will occur.

Barbara Hender

Posted on 8/5/13 2:18:08 PM Permalink

I thought I would provide an update on my learning. I have finally managed to work through Week 1 (no more 404 errors -atm), however, it has been confusing trying to get to the Course. I can not find a way to navigate and get to the course, if I am signed into edex. If I go to my profile and go to My Learning tab, I am sorry to say that I am not enrolled in anything (not very promising, yet I know I am doing some learning !) the only way I have found to get to the course is to use the link

I have now come to the end of Week 1(final step), and one of the instructions is to complete the Week 1 Homework....eeeekkk, I can't find a link or what I am supposed to do. Searching in resources does not shed any further light on the requirements. Reviewing all the other steps, does not help. So I hope someone can help me out here. The activities and theoretical underpinning have been good, and I am looking forward to Week 2, so I will move forward. Perhaps I can get an extension for week 1 homework.

Linda Engel

Posted on 8/3/13 5:14:08 PM Permalink

I'm glad I read your comment. I have suddenly started getting the 500 error, and I cannot find my course (Train the Trainer). It's consoling to know that others are experiencing this, but I'm sorry for all the problems you've had. Week 1 was pretty basic; I'm sure you will be able to catch up (if you're trying to do the train the trainer course, that is).

Good luck to you!


Dan Armstrong

Posted on 7/31/13 8:16:13 AM Permalink

I just went through the first week and part of the second and I didn't get any errors. it seems to be working better now. It is sure unfortunate that it didn't go better for you and I hope you give it another shot. The Ed Exchange has always been a source of learning with a lot of resources.

marcia blanco

Posted on 7/27/13 6:57:40 PM Permalink

Is this for the "Train the Trainer" course? If so, a bunch of us have had various issues. I think that this is the first time that this class has been run and there are apparent technical kinks. I was getting the 404 error. Now I get the 500 error. I'm not sure whether this is progress, but I'm content to see what happens. I'm sure that they will figure this out.

Matt Niemitz

Posted on 7/29/13 3:28:02 PM Permalink

Hi Marcia,

Yes, we have been constantly troubleshooting issues and working out the kinks for this, our first course. Thanks for your patience. We expect Week 2 to go much more smoothly.

Nancy Parker

Posted on 7/27/13 1:26:16 PM Permalink

I learn more from AdobeTV than any other free resource and many of the pay training offered. The content is excellent. Sign up and try it. I hope that you find it as helpful as I do.

Matt Niemitz

Posted on 7/25/13 9:02:17 PM Permalink

Hi B, Unfortunately, you ran into an error that we just discovered yesterday that was making it impossible to enroll. We pushed a fix for that error yesterday, which is why you were finally able to enroll. I apologize that it was such a frustrating process.

Regarding the webinars, they are optional and not required so missing the first one will not affect your ability to successfully complete the course. In the webinars, we simply discuss the content for the week. So, if you're unable to make the ones in the future, try to replicate the discussion by participating in the course discussion forums and commenting on assignments.

Finally, regarding the 404 errors, this is an issue many users have been experiencing and that we are working to fix. In the meantime, you can minimize the chances of running into this error by doing the following:

  • When you complete a step, click the "I have completed this step" button at the bottom of the page
  • Try not to use the "forward" and "back" arrow buttons at the top right to click through the course steps without completing them (this can sometimes cause the 404 error)

When we have a fix in place, I will post an announcement so you know you can use those navigation buttons.

Finally, if you ever run into any issues with the Adobe Education Exchange, the first place to go is the help center to see if your question is answered there. If not, you can always email us at edex (at) - we do our best to respond to messages received there as quickly as possible.

Thanks for your patience! And good luck with the course!

Mike Skocko

Posted on 7/25/13 4:47:18 PM Permalink

I sure can't answer for Adobe but I do know that many of the key players are winging their way to Adobe's corporate headquarters for a week-long event that begins Sunday morn. I will convey your frustration directly to "the man" (who works in NYC) when I see him.

Meanwhile, I've sent an email pointing to this discussion.

Donell Smiley

Posted on 7/25/13 3:06:02 PM Permalink

My supervisor and I are having the same problems as both of you. The only way we have seemed to get around the 404 error is to click "Enroll now" from the email. Try this link I know it's not an answer but I hope it helps.

Angi Yowell

Posted on 7/25/13 2:46:06 PM Permalink

Yes, just like another person posted the same error, I am too experiencing the 404. I thought it was because my computer was logged out and I just lost my place. But every time I try to access the discussion I was a part of I get the 404. Now I'm completely lost because I don't know where to find the course material! I agree with you, the navigation setup of this course is somewhat wonky and difficult. I also am having trouble when I click on the links/buttons, nothing is really happening. I hope they fix these issues.