Amy Roberts

Adobe needs Different ways to deal with Education

Adobe needs to address solutions for Academics that are not the same as for business. For instance - we cannot update in the middle of the semester - The creative cloud app won't work unless updated - that would take the IT, unlocking all the compluters and closing down our computer labs (in the middle of exams, etc)

Also, we have a license with our IT department's login - students cannot sync fonts, etc unless they ALSO have a paid login.

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Audrey Wrobel

Posted on 7/10/17 9:52:08 PM Permalink

​If you are an admin of your computer, you can set all of your programs to update automatically. I would request that from your IT department, and tell them your dilemma. Argue that it is more secure to get automatic updates, because they often come with security fixes, too.

Sue Howlett

Posted on 6/18/15 10:25:18 AM Permalink

Most University's in the U.K. have a site licesne for Adobe CC, it also allows for staff and students to download CC onto their computer at home. Currently I have not encountered any issues and from my personal perspecitve it works well.

Tony are you ion H.E. ?

chuck laiti

Posted on 6/8/15 9:45:19 PM Permalink

I do have authorization to install CC if I can secure Funding. Information about how to do that across a lab seems scanty. I have been With CS5 since it came out. My experience in education is that we get upgrades only when the software becomes incompatible with an OS upgrade. This seems to be an exception to the rule. Our pricing was negotiated with Adobe by a State consortium. Hopefully this will go well for us.

Tony Bolder

Posted on 6/8/15 9:32:19 PM Permalink

I'm afraid to say that some of us in education (UK) are still using CS5.5, without any real chance of upgrading to CC in the near future.

Colin Byers

Posted on 6/8/15 2:34:34 PM Permalink

Sounds like the problem is mostly with IT. Our IT dept. has set up our CC software so that we are able to update our computers without any assistance from them.

Amy Roberts

Posted on 6/8/15 3:52:01 PM Permalink

It's not just IT - its that we can't change a program dramatically during a semester class - it would confuse the students. It is really a problem with programs like MUSE - if they update at home, our MUSE at school will not open the project.

chuck laiti

Posted on 6/5/15 9:15:23 PM Permalink

I appreciate the info here. We are going to the CC next year and I am unsure as to how to proceed configuring my lab with IT. Decisions regarding adding apps etc.