Chris Schnell
Head of Program Higher Education Art and Design

AEE members teaching the same course/ subjects

Hello AEE Members

I am fairly new to the AEE and am wondering if there is a way to search for and follow members teaching the same/ similar course/ subjects?

thank you in advance


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Ms Lynn Cobbs

Posted on 11/14/15 9:03:23 AM Permalink

Hi Chris, to find AEE members, who teach the same/similar course topic ... try using the I'm looking for ...' search box located on the horizontal navigation bar above.

  • Enter subject or topic key search words
  • Scroll the resulting list for lesson plans, projects, workshops of interest
  • Select topic authors name, which displays their profile.
  • You can then you can click on the Follow button.

Chris Schnell

Posted on 11/14/15 1:04:19 PM Permalink

thanks Lynn

Adobe Education

Posted on 1/6/16 3:55:19 PM Permalink

Hi Chris

We've recently revamped the search function on the AEE so if you type in a specific subject in the search box you can then refine, using the filters in the left side column, by just members and even further by grade band and so on. We hope these new features are helpful.

The AEE Team