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Resources for students designing games in K-12?

I'm looking for resources that can be used by K-12 students during a game design unit. Do you have any favorites?
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Adobe Education

Posted on 7/26/12 4:19:04 PM Permalink

Hi TJ,

Check out the workl Kristine Kolpecke (particularly this one) and Colin Maxwell's (especially this and this) - they have great stuff. We also did a game design project in the Digital Design curricuulm this year. As well as these other projects:

- Space Invaders

- ActionScript Series by Dex Williams and ActionScript tutorials by Joseph Labreque

- Raphunzels Quest

- A Game Programming Course Using Flash/ActionScript

- Learning by Playing: Video Games in the Classroom

- Collaboration on mobile games

- Create a Simple Clicking Game for HTML5 Canvas with EaselJS

Hope this is helpful!

~Adobe Education

TJ Fletcher

Posted on 7/26/12 4:31:00 PM Permalink

This is a great starter list...thank you for compiling it! :)