Kim Cavanaugh
Technology Program Specialist

Soft skills assessment

Recently I got to sit with a company that does animation and digital effects for the film industry. What was interesting was that the company stresses so many "soft" skills over the ability to use software products.

Topics such as planning, collaboration, story boarding, responding to critiques, and completing projects on time and to standards can be difficult to assess, but are critical to future success.

So, how do you assess these skills? 

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Elizabeth Elston

Posted on 8/21/12 12:36:48 AM Permalink

Having been assessed at a tertiary level on these skills, the best projects seemed to have been "longer term" portfolio style assessments, that are graded in several stages eg:

  • Storyboard with justification of the choices for shot type etc
  • Portfolio on explanation of visual style, justification of choices
  • Reworking of portfolio or storyboard based on feedback
  • Depending on the project and length of class, you could create the work, with one part being based on response to feedback, and a written rationale explaining the choice you make.

Adobe Education

Posted on 7/26/12 3:47:58 PM Permalink

Hi Kim,

Thanks for addressing this important topic. The Adobe Digital Career Curriculums make sure to address these soft skills as it's just as important to have this skills in job preparedness as it is the acutal tech skills. Check out the intros of any curriculum to learn more about how we address it as well as each project for rubrics for assessing these soft skills as we designed it so technical, project management, design, and research skills are incorporated.


Adobe Education

Meredith Blache

Posted on 7/24/12 6:25:49 PM Permalink

Usually with any project I included these type of things in the project rubric including project points for each phase of the project. The preplanning as well as the various phases throughout each project are just as important as the final outcome and that needs to be reflected in the grading rubric/point system. I think it is also important to stress to students the Real World relationship to the projects they are working on now. So many of my students would say things like "i can't work with so-and-so" or "I don't want to work with a partner" and I would explain how the "real world" works.

Meredith Blache

Posted on 7/24/12 9:17:57 PM Permalink

I forgot to mention, in one of the projects I give them, it is considered an project for a business with specs for the business. Usually half way through the project I have a review process where they must meet with me to see how they are meeting the specs. Usually half of the teams "go on probation" because they have not met the specs. In the end they all realize how important it is to please the customer.