Megha Arora

Design #TheUltimateCanvas for Primesight

How would it feel if your artwork made an entire city stop in their tracks? 

Primesight is inviting artists, designers, illustrators, photographers and innovators from around the world to create artwork that will be displayed on the 'Ultimate Canvas’ and have their work become part of a city's visual landscape.

Five artists will have the opportunity to use the "Ultimate Canvas," a 96 sheet billboard display in the UK, in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow and Bristol. Each of the five selected artists will have their work displayed on one of the five boards in the selected cities for the city to admire. 

When creating their work, artists must use one of the provided templates. Artists may choose an abstract theme, or even tap into city icons to incorporate them in their piece - wherever your inspiration takes you. The only requirement is that you think about the arresting visual impact of this huge canvas and how it will inspire the thousands of people who will see it.

Check out our Pinterest board for further inspiration and get creating! 

Click Here to participate:

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Teresa Ghassemi

Posted on 6/23/15 5:26:50 PM Permalink

This is a very cool idea. I'm at a secure firewall sight and can't get on Pinterest right now, but I will definitely check it out!