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High school Design Contests........Please

One of the requirements that I want to have for my seniors this year is to enter a competition in whatever area of design and visual communication that they find interesting. I live in Vermont and there are a couple of very narrow choices and of course we have a chapter of SKILLS, but we do that as a class and I'd like the kids to take the initiative to compete on their own. Does anyone know of any design or photography/video competitions specifically for high school students?
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ng sw

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This is a comic publishing site from Malaysia. Comics or graphic novels is actually story writing, but in art form. Pictures which displays dialogues and actions which are in sequence is called a comic book.
My favourite artist, basically not from Malaysia, people who are actually to me 'Great Creators', Jim Lee, Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman, ... They are story tellers, artists, innovators, creators.
I am hoping that one day I could join them in their ranks.


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Consider creating a contest at You can set up the contest and invite other schools to participate. It is a photo contest platform where prizes can be won for the students. Students can use Photoshop and other Amazon applications to design and create an image that can be posted with a back story. Contact - Justin Beard 910-538-4687.

Good Luck,


Mark Runge

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I use for the same purposes as you've described. The kids are invested in their work, complete work outside of class assignments and compete with others, even if with only their classmates. I sometimes am just didactic in assigning a contest, but generally I like to have the class debate the contests, as to which one we will engage in and why. Plus, if I have the time I compete with the kids. They love to see me struggle with ideas and making art; if a kid scores higher than me she gets extra credit--it happens often. I also have the kids write meaningful comments and constructive criticisms, so they get to practice writing about art, too.

There is less pressure for the kids but the idea of a challenge and competition is still there.

Thank y'all for sharing your lists and ideas.

Karen Hellyer

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Hi Marcia, Sorry for coming into this conversation late, but I can think of a couple resources you might look into. One is the Society for Photographic Education, which is a great resource for teachers of photography. It's mostly geared at college level, but has an emerging group of high school educators showing interest in all sorts of issues. That link is Also, ( and Communication Arts ( are good places to look as well, although I'm not sure they have age-specific categories for competing. They might also try submitting their work in local publications. Good luck!

Tacy Trowbridge

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If your students are taking Adobe Certified Associates exams in Visual Communication using Photoshop, they would qualify for the first ACA Championship hosted this summer in Washington D.C. For more information, check out Let us know if your students participate in a contest, what is valuable about the experience, and how they fare.

Matt Cauthron

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marcia blanco

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Thank you! This is really helpful!