Jigar Pathak
Adobe Certified Instructor

Why certification is required in technology training?

One of my peer (I must mentioned her name, because Jenny Grover inspired me to start this discussion she is one of the AEE member) asked me that:

Why did you decide to get certified in the products you did?

My answer was, the way we decide to get certified from School, College or University to get recognized in so and so stream for better Job prospect or for industry recognition. So when you apply for Job employer will get confidence on you ,that you have completed proper training and certified to do some work what they are expecting you to do.

Similarly I believe that, when you provide technology training and if you are certified that gives you more confidence to deliver training on that product or technology. Also students will get confidence on educators that who is teaching them is certified in so and so product.

So I have started my journey with Adobe Flash MX (formerly Macromedia Flash MX), then I have keep on learning new technologies and completed my certifications on Adobe Flex, Adobe Flash CS3, CS5, CS6 (applied for Flash CC beta test), Acrobat XI Pro, Adobe Dreamweaver CC. 

I need your opinion and experience about certification if you have completed any. 

Also, I welcome to my fellow members to get any help or guidance on Adobe Certification. I'm happy to help you.

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Felipe Payan

Posted on 9/21/14 9:05:00 PM Permalink

Very true those certificates all add up to an equivalent degree in digital graphic arts. I believe the certs will only burnish my reputation as a digital media instructor. I want to certified in Photoshop and believe such certification will lead to expanded employment opportunities. Share the wealth with Photoshop or Lightroom certification.

Jigar Pathak

Posted on 10/6/14 12:47:45 PM Permalink


To prepare for ACE in Photoshop or Lightroom, I suggest few reading material that is Adobe Photoshop CC Classroom in a Book for both the softwares. Also you can refer the help document of both software to get detailed technical explanation of each tools and last but not least professional usage of product in industry.

All of the above will give enough experience to apply for exam. This is how I have prepared myself and cleared various exams of Adobe products.

Jeremiah Baumann

Posted on 9/5/14 12:25:31 PM Permalink

I think your ideas are exactly correct when it comes to certification. Some of it is personal, a challenge really, to prove to yourself that you actually know what you think you know. Another big part is most people use these certifications to size you up. You may have the best design skills in the world, but on paper you can't prove that unless they are looking at your portfolio. I know I personally love to gain certificates as I see it as a chance to learn something know and then have something to physically show for it. The challenges give me a reason to push myself to learn more. I'm currently an Adobe Campus Leader, just finished my Adobe Education Trainer, and now have my eyes on the ACE exams (since we finally offer testing here at my University).

Jigar Pathak

Posted on 9/8/14 7:13:10 AM Permalink

Hi Jeremiah,

Thanks for sharing your view. I totally agree with your explanation on certification. Let me know if any help or guidance required from my end to support you on preparing for ACE certification.

Damien Soukhavong

Posted on 9/3/14 4:26:31 PM Permalink

I did want to certify myself in Adobe Photoshop CC... because I wanted to assess myself. I got the ACA, but not the ACE (much harder than I thought). But I now see the knowledge required of both levels.

Jigar Pathak

Posted on 9/5/14 5:23:29 AM Permalink

Hi Damien,

One of my colleague has completed ACE in Photoshop CC. Let me know if you need any guidance for preparation.

Jody Campbell

Posted on 9/3/14 3:48:23 PM Permalink

I have ACE credentials and I have found it proves a level of confidence in my clients and at the school in which I teach.

Jigar Pathak

Posted on 9/5/14 5:21:57 AM Permalink

I agree Jody with you. I have also experienced the same in my professional life.

Megha Arora

Posted on 9/3/14 6:11:18 AM Permalink

As our childhood days we used to appear for the exam, just to get ourselves certified to the next level or grade. So the same concept is revised in work life in order to get the best opportunity.