Jesus Sandoval

Benefits of Adobe Products

Which Adobe products would have an immediate impact in my science classroom? I am new and would like to focus my first efforts in classroom presentation tools that will get my students attention.

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Craig Gundlach

Posted on 6/22/15 4:06:59 AM Permalink

I would say Photoshop for sure, and for fun and interactivity, use Adobe Flash.

Lukas Engqvist

Posted on 2/20/15 4:40:50 PM Permalink

I would strongly recommend Premiere Clip both for teachers to record instructions and students to report.

For teachers we want to show things that are hard to show to a whole class, have one or two students help you document what you want to demonstrate and then show it on the big screen. This also gives you materials that the students can review before exams.

Let them report their Labs with video using iPhones or iPads. It is a great alternative to written reports.

Robb Mitchell

Posted on 2/10/15 10:35:50 PM Permalink

I would look at presenter and captivate as well as photoshop to edit any images

Aalia Rahman

Posted on 1/25/15 11:52:21 PM Permalink

Would you want to use it in your classroom, or teach them these tools to improve their experience?

If you have an iOS device like an iPad, maybe Adobe Voice is a great simple presentation tool. But if it's about teaching your students this tool, then that might require your students to have an iOS device as well and may not be as efficient. Though, it is free to download from the app store.

Adobe InDesign could easily allow students to compose PDF's and that could work very well for presentations. Not to mention, it's not very difficult to teach your students the basics of InDesign. It might even help them in their english and writing classes and can be easily used in future. But they would have to afford it, if the school hasn't already.

Jason King

Posted on 1/22/15 1:49:13 AM Permalink


I agree with the others, but the learning curve for some of the software is a little steep, so it might depend on how much instructional time you want to use for content that does not directly address your learning objectives. Of course there are products such as Voice with virtually no learning curve that can be used immediately. If your students have taken classes that deal with creating digital content, especially movies, then Premiere might be great for making music videos about the subject material. Jeremiah had a great idea with InDesign. If you can create your own class materials, your students will appreciate it and feel like they matter to you (which hopefully they do). Also, with you doing the creation, you do not need to worry about the learning curve. Hopefully someday we will stop being so territorial about our subjects ("I teach English and it is the most important subject and has nothing to do with those other subjects) and then we, as institutions, will be able to see the value in all the subjects and the synergy between them. Then maybe we won't need to worry so much about spending class time introducing software.

Jaroslav Verlík

Posted on 1/5/15 10:18:39 PM Permalink

I think, all the products inside eLearning suite 6 will be great choice. Plus Premiere.


Dominic McCall

Posted on 12/8/14 2:14:32 PM Permalink

I think Photoshop is great to improve presentations, if you have time Flash to animate is fantastic at engaging students.

Daniel Esquerra

Posted on 12/7/14 9:09:15 PM Permalink

Hello Jesus,

Nice to hear form you. It is a small world. If you have not had students use Voice, I think it is a great way to start-easy and free. As students finish a lab write-up, they could record their conclusions on Voice. A little innovation might prove engaging for Chem students.

Jeremiah Baumann

Posted on 12/5/14 3:49:31 PM Permalink

Hello Jesus,

First I want to welcome you to the Adobe Education Exchange! I hope we can provide you with plenty of opinions and feedback to help you with your classroom. Personally, I think in a science setting, video could be really powerful. If you are doing labs or experiments with the students, being able to showcase outcomes from different years might help get the students excited. If you had the time, you could really go pretty far with Adobe Premiere and After Effects. However, those skills and planning would take some resources and time. If you are looking for an immediate option, I think just pulling away from Power Point defaults and using Photoshop to make your own branding for the class might help. You could even carry that over into InDesign for creating worksheets and assignments. I hope this helps!