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Presenter Workshop is out of date

Looking through the Adobe Presenter workshop discovered that it is out of date re: Mac and Adobe Video Presenter Express. The video on the second part of the workshop says that you can download for free and upload any number of videos for free.

This is not the case. AVPE now has a substantial cost and is not free for any videos.

Maybe the workshop needs to be altered to reflect this plus the organisers of the next T4T which uses Presenter, need to take this into account.

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Adobe Education

Posted on 9/2/14 2:56:13 PM Permalink

Thanks for catching this error Eliot. It's helpful to have the community keep us accountable to things like this and let us know when we need to make adjustments to keep our content as up to date as possible. We'll get the workshop fixed ASAP.

In the future, could you (and anyone else reading this), send these kinds of issues directly to us? We ask this for a few reasons. One, we'll see it more quickly and thus can take action to correct it more quickly. Two, this isn't really a discussion topic as there isn't anything to discuss. So, this kind of a post waters down the discussion forums a bit.

There are two ways to contact us with issues or errors like this:

Thanks for your understanding!