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Video conference on Cyber-SECURITY, Cyber-SAFETY, Cyber-ETHICS and Mental Health Awareness with Carol Todd

On November 19th Sisler’s Digital Voice students ( and Cyber Defence students are scheduled to deliver a powerful online video conference. The goal of this 2-part presentation is to EDUCATE viewers on:

Cyber-SECURITY, Cyber-SAFETY, Cyber-ETHICS and Mental Health Awareness

With a partnership with MediaSmarts, this live interactive event is expected to capture thousands of viewers across Canada and the United States. In the first part of the 2-part presentation, viewers will be educated on: Responsibility, Protecting your Digital Information, Cybercrimes (illegal downloads, cyber bullying, sexting) as well as the consequences both for the bully and the victim. This session will be followed by a short video titled ‘Kitchen’.

The second part of the presentation will be on ‘Mental Health Awareness’ with special guest Carol Todd. Carol was the mother of Amanda Todd, a young girl who was lured into a bad decision by a cyber-staker and then relentlessly targeted online and in real life over and over again until she took her own life in October 2012.

All are welcome to join! For more information please visit:

Contact me to sign up

How to Participate:

  • Video-Conference through the Frontier School Division’s Polycom Bridge (room to be provided at a later date)
  • Live Stream with Chat Forum provided by the Frontier School Division

  • Adobe Premiere Pro

    Edit media in its native format and create productions for film, TV, and web.

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Rajesh Krishnan

Posted on 1/1/14 10:44:41 AM Permalink

I have been looking across these topics for quite sometime. Two objectives, digital responsibility as observed by user in a professional environment was considered to be in place by network administrator and directly related to the job/role responsibilities; though I have heard that the users are smarter than the enforcers, thus corrupting the system.The other objective is directly related to personal users of internet by children, adolescents and a poorly defined vulnerable segment of the population.

Tips to browse safely is promoted by the browser developers, though I am uncertain of its influence in modifying behaviour as opposed to a disclaimer.

Is there a way in which awareness about the optimal use of internet be promoted and of of-course evolving continuously and customizing it to the local laws.

Creating learning modules using Creative Cloud could lend to the CSR image.

Any takers?

Thanks for reading.