Rotoscoping Animation Using it in the Classroom

  Rotoscoping As Group Class Project :  I've shared a resource with several examples of Rotoscoping using not only the Apps we are using, but Photoshop too!  Take a look, and share ideas of how you or other educators could create rotoscoping animations with their classes and how current Common Core or other Evaluation Systems would be covered with these assignments. How would you use it in your class?  Let's discuss it.  It's an excellent assignment covering cross-curricular integration.

Rotoscoping Resources & Discussion

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Jason Lane

Posted on 9/4/14 8:58:32 PM Permalink

I teach rotoscoping in my class as a great way to analyze and deconstruct animation principles. Here is a short video I have created with introduces them to the technique using Flash CC (6 mins).

Kris Fontes

Posted on 9/2/14 8:51:03 PM Permalink

Jody Campbell

Posted on 9/2/14 9:44:22 PM Permalink

WOW...what a project! Thanks for the post Kris!

Jody Campbell

Posted on 8/6/14 11:53:13 PM Permalink

I don't teach animation but I love rotoscoping…I remember doing in my in my grad days but that was by hand. We shot video and then printed out each frame…traced over it with translucent paper (adding embellishments and exaggerations) and then using traditional 2D techniques we used a stat camera to shoot each frame and then put them all together again in Micromedia flash.

Tony Bolder

Posted on 7/10/14 10:14:09 PM Permalink

I have seen this and found it to be a really good resource. I tend to have my students use Flash Pro, although Photoshop would do just as well.

katherine Yamashita

Posted on 6/8/14 8:35:32 PM Permalink

Here is an example of how I have used flash to rotoscope with my grade 10 class. This is their first time using flash.

The work was originally inspired by work I did with Marisa Vitiello. This is a work in progress, still tweaking and will have to add title and credits still.


Tony Bolder

Posted on 7/10/14 10:11:39 PM Permalink

This is very creative, and shows a lot of persistence and patience. I too have my students use Flash Pro to rotoscope, and it has tested their patience to the limit, which at times does make me smile broadly.