David Conover
STEAM video game design instructor

Systemic Innovation: Austin High School Video Game Design collaborates with Pakistan Music Culture

In this project, I am trying to bring together the characteristics of a global classroom. My students and I are developing a syllabus. We will blend together design thinking, problem-solving, learning, tutoring, student voice, Team learning and assessment through video conferencing and a simulated learning environment. In order to build capacity for this program of study, what Adobe lessons or activities would you suggest as a best practice to research and review? I have a number of thoughts and questions to share and to reflect on with everyone. How in what ways is this project similar to a global project that you have developed?

Here is a brief write up of the project.

The Dosti Music Project brings together ten musicians from Pakistan, India, and the US for a month-long collaborative residency program based at an arts center in Florida, an historic New Orleans neighborhood, and the South By Southwest Festival in Austin, Texas. Much like its sister project, OneBeat, Dosti (which means friendship in Urdu and Hindi) transcends political barriers through cross-cultural musical collaboration. Produced by Bang on a Can’s Found Sound Nation in Partnership with the US Embassy in Pakistan, Dosti will invite four Pakistanis, four Indians, and two U.S. musicians from a wide variety of traditions — from Sufi singing to electronic beat-making to Appalachian fiddling — to collaboratively write, record, and perform original music, re-invent traditional music, and develop new projects that will make a positive impact on our communities locally and globally. A number of these musicians will be meeting both virtually and physically with my high school students in order to record a live musical event within the next month or so.

I have already identified a number of lessons, But there might be others that are in development that could be useful in going beyond gamification. The intention is to blend the physical and virtual environments.

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Lukas Engqvist

Posted on 4/8/15 7:42:52 PM Permalink

Hi David,

The Global Video Battle was a good way to work across borders. I think it is important to have one session just to get comfortable with collaborative software. Great to have clear agenda for what they have to present at video conferences, great to have the other team have specific things that they must give feedback on, so that all will be engaged in the conference.

On thing you may want to do is practice mic technique and also have them watch their recording. I think the recordings from the Global Video Battle should be available somewhere.