daniel Mullings
Digital Skills Manager

What Adobe product does teachers use with students to understand how use a computer.

By now you've probably noticed more people using Adobe apps in everyday places such as in schools and at the office.

Those people have an understanding of the functions of a laptop, Mac or a tablet, but what if they didn't?

I'm interested in creating a resource using indesign on how to use some of the components of a computer e.g. A mouse/keyboard and it got me thinking about going back to basics. 

How do use Adobe products to teach our students how to use the simple functions of a computer? I know there is a wealth of knowledge online such as YouTube, etc but our apps are very powerful tools so do we send them to that or do we use Adobe products to create our own resources around what could be a difficult subject for some.

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Angelo Brussel

Posted on 5/13/16 5:45:08 AM Permalink

Everybody can't have knowledge of basic fonction of computer..

Tom Dieu

Posted on 4/24/16 11:31:50 AM Permalink

As you state, you can always find some good input on YouTube :) It's probably easier to just link a YouTube page for basic tutorials.