Lynne Kesselman

Adobe learning resources for ELL/ESL students?

Could anyone suggest some resources for students who are not native English language learners?  I am specifically looking for  resources for my high school students who struggle to read English language handouts or even view a video that is not in their native language. 

My most pressing need is for my students who are from China, but also have Spanish speaking students who would benefit from additional resources for Dreamweaver, Flash, Fireworks, Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, and/or Premiere.

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Victor Gonzalez

Posted on 12/2/19 9:13:23 AM Permalink

It is indeed important to push for other languages such as Spanish, Italian, French. There is an Adobe Community with workshops in German. I think Adobe is moving forward when tackling languages. I hope it happens very soon because we do need it.​

Denise Webb

Posted on 2/22/14 2:56:46 AM Permalink

Hi Lynne:

I have a Peruvian student in my Digital Imaging class who can understand basic English instructions, but struggles with the technical language using Photoshop and other Adobe programs. She seemed overwhelmed, and did not do any work in class for the first few weeks. Now I give her assignments in English, with vocab and notes in English with Spanish translation, and I have 2 other ELL students who help explain/translate for her when needed, using peer to peer instruction. The thing that has helped the most has been to allow her to switch the language on her computer to Spanish to help her complete Photoshop and other Adobe tutorials and assignments. This has allowed her to learn the program as she continues to master her English. Her laptop is set to Spanish using her login so that it switches back to English when she logs out. We want her to become English proficient; however, she has only been in the US for a short period of time, and this has made the class much less intimidating for her. She has successfully completed every project since we started this method. I have found ELL students to be as drawn to technology as English speaking students, and teaching them Adobe skills in their native language helps them gain success in their English-based academic work. Hope this helps!