Tarek Bahaa El Deen
Assistant Professor in Graphic Design

Color is a function of the human visual system

The Physics Hypertextbook

to discuss colour we have problem related to point of view

what is Color Definition from :

physics of color

Physiological of color

Psychological of color

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Jody Campbell

Posted on 8/15/14 1:08:28 AM Permalink

what is Color Definition from : physics of color - Color is the human perception of electromagnetic radiation (light).

Physiological of color - There has been extensive studies that show light (color) has a physiological effect on the viewer. Red increases heart rate, eye blink frequency and perspiration where blue has the opposite affects. Yellow increases metabolism which is why every fast food joint includes it in their corporate identity. If anyone has any doubt that color (light) can have a physiological affect think about where we get vitamin D.

Psychological of color - There are innate responses to color (when we see red and black on a snake for example) however most psychological reactions to color are learned responses. For example since we where small children we have been taught that red means stop, love and hate. blue can be depressed, secure and loyal, green is envy. Effective marketers and designers use these learned responses to color as a tool to influence the behavior of the viewer. Think about every clearance sign you have ever seen....what color was it?

I would add to list cultural understandings of color...culture dictates psychological learned responses to color. For example in North America black is used in mourning where as in Korea they use white.