pirahmed ullah
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digital video making in after effects

How I make digital animated videos on after effects because I don't clear my concept. Anyone help. Thanks

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Brian O'Dell

Posted on 8/13/15 2:42:00 AM Permalink

If you add each element of your project according to scene you can animate the backgrounds, characters, scenery with position points, x,y,z axis. Animated your background first according to the way your scene is moving. Using position points you can pan left or right, move up or down or zoom in or out as if you had a camera. Then create position points and move your characters according to the scenes. Very simple to do and looks realistic light an animated cartoon. Look under you effects and you will see opacity, scale, etc and thats where you can create movements.

Andrew Lai

Posted on 8/9/15 1:08:53 PM Permalink

There are few ways that you can create animations including:

  1. Traditional way of using Flash (tweening and cel)
  2. Creating characters/backgrounds on separate layers in Photoshop/Illustrator and animating in After Effects using a variety of transform tools (rotation, scale, opacity, position etc). I suggest checking out Motion Graphics in After Effects
  3. The latest way, which i am yet to try, is to use Adobe Character Animator which is part of the Adobe After Effects CC package. It is like a home motion capture system which utilises your webcam to track different facial motions and applies it to your character Adobe Character Animator.