Jody Campbell
Adjunct Instructor 2D, 3D and 4D Communication Design

Team work.

How do you use team work in your classroom. Is applied to peer to peer or do you feel team work in the classroom should include the instructor?  Why or why not and If so how? 

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Tony Bolder

Posted on 9/27/14 10:56:30 AM Permalink

I use teamwork in a number of forms, for example, when it comes to moving image production the students will always be in production teams, to facilitate the many roles which are required. I also utilize the method of focus groups during the lessons, as I find this to be advantageous to the students in terms of exchanging ideas, and discussing various attributes of the projects they are working on, Another aspect to the focus groups, is the fact that student communication becomes a major point for them to improve on.

Jered Martinez

Posted on 9/12/14 6:23:07 PM Permalink

I think that it is important to have a mix of individual, pairs, and team activities... this helps with learning group dynamics, division of work, working together, working alone, learning from each other. Content first then activities.