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Adobe LMS? Make your wish list

I have been battling with the restrictions, lack of features or just meaningless complexity of various Learning Management Systems. I would like us to build a list of key features and promote the idea to Adobe.

Please refrain from bad-naming other products, let's keep it positive!

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Dean Utian

Posted on 1/18/20 6:10:40 AM Permalink

​Adobe do have an LMS now - Captivate Prime:

I had a look at it. It has some nice features. Uses gamification in some parts. Some of the many considerations for the university is where are how data is stored and support for users of the LMS.


Posted on 12/11/19 2:37:10 PM Permalink

Dean Utian

Posted on 1/18/20 6:11:30 AM Permalink

Canvas is growing in its market. Many universities in Australia have switched to it.​

Kaleem Ullah

Posted on 12/1/19 8:50:33 PM Permalink

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petra King

Posted on 7/10/14 3:30:21 AM Permalink

A way for parents/mentors/tutors to long into the respective student's account to access grades, assignments, classroom presentations, and the like

A way to grade with the rubric, as in


I like all the detail of course sites, but others find it too complicated. It maybe to Adobe's benefit to make it more flexible or give gradations of service.


Thanks for asking

David Egbert

Posted on 7/9/14 5:39:16 AM Permalink

My wish list includes:

Secure login, authentication, and course delivery
Users can easily find and enroll in courses
Create and assign course curriculum based on roles
Bookmark learner activity

Easy to use interface and tools

"Deep Linking" to courses

Responsive design (optimized content for any screen)

Offline learning that phones home when reconnected

Online assessments

SCORM, xAPI support

Announcements area

Social learning support

File exchange

Comprehensive search

Rewards and recognition support

Allows for social sharing on other social networks

Asynchronous and synchronous text and video discussion threads

Comprehensive dashboards to display learner, course and curriculum analytics and metrics

Automated alerts when learners drop below instructor specified criteria

petra King

Posted on 7/10/14 3:23:22 AM Permalink

what is "Deep Linking"?

Monica Leslie

Posted on 6/27/17 1:22:32 PM Permalink

This is consistent with what I'd like to see.

David Egbert

Posted on 7/9/14 5:25:23 AM Permalink

FYI, Adobe has announced the start of LMS features in the Adobe Experience Manager, their enterprise content management system that's part of their marketing cloud offering. It will support support social interactions, SCORM, xAPI, and learning dashboards to view progress. This might be something to keep an on. Here's an announcement about it:

Eliot Attridge

Posted on 5/17/14 4:35:42 AM Permalink

I'm using Captivate to create SCORM content for a Moodle LMS. For me, Captivate 7 is pretty good (and easy to use). There are a number of assessment tools that Captivate provides that are not replicated inside Moodle (the principle being drag and drop). So whatever features an LMS had, I would like more up to date ways of assessing and presenting information within the LMS, so that courses generated can have a 'unique' feel, rather than a standard one size fits all format. After all- we don't all teach identically in the classroom.

Dan Armstrong

Posted on 5/15/14 9:21:00 PM Permalink

I use canvas which has been a pretty great tool for an LMS.

Rick Henderson

Posted on 5/7/14 3:07:22 PM Permalink

Are you familiar with the LMS called Desire2Learn? They have come a long way and definitely have a benefit over others.


Posted on 10/7/13 5:54:32 PM Permalink


I would be interested to see Adobe enter this space: Connect is a great synchronous tool. I've not seen the e-Learning platform that Adobe offers, but I think Instructure Canvas is the one to beat these days. We run the open-source version at our institution.



John Christopher

Posted on 10/4/13 5:25:29 PM Permalink

Doesn't Adobe connect allow the capability for results to be gathered? But it would be nice if it was tied to a gradebook that the school uses.

Teague A Breslin

Posted on 10/1/13 2:19:54 PM Permalink

I have used the k12 LMS and although it had some minor limitations, it certainly seemed to be a fairly comprehensive LMS system. I would love to see Adobe implement their own LMS for those of us who instruct Adobe product classes. I think that would be a wonderful addition to an already outstanding product line.

I have provide a screenshot of the home page for k12 LMS. CLICK HERE

It includes a place for loading an instructor bio, course syllabus, gradebook, help utility, scheduling online sessions and so on. It also includes a calendar for the entire semester showing assignments, due dates, and any attachments the student needs to complete the assignment.

fabio oliveira

Posted on 9/25/13 1:35:46 AM Permalink

Interesting idea, I work with Adobe Connect and Moodle, I am focused on Adobe e-Learning and m-Learning contents and create the trainings give software in Brazil.

Wendy Stubbs

Posted on 9/23/13 6:14:21 PM Permalink

I too am a believe that a better LMS can be built. I think it must have some integration capability with the school's registration system to the courses and students are automatically populated. I would like to see a system that adapts to social media needs much better as well.