Veith Rühling
Lehrer & Universitätsdozent

Mobile sound recording app from Adobe in connection with Adobe Audition?

Hi everyone,

Adobe Audition is a fantastic tool to use in the classroom, for projects or for preparing assets for lessons. But most of the time it's too much effort to set up the notebook and the mic for recording, so I use my Android mobile. Unfortunately there is no mobile app from Adobe for sound recording, so I use "Parrot" and Dropbox to record and sync the files.

It would be so helpful, if Adobe could offer a mobile app for sound recording that syncs with CreativeCloud! Maybe with some features ;-)...

How are you doing recordings in class? Which programs do you use?

Would you be interested in such an app from Adobe?

Looking forward reading from you :-)!

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James Rafferty

Posted on 10/29/17 3:35:16 AM Permalink

Fantastic idea Veith, seems like the perfect addition to their mobile app suite.​