Judy Durkin

ACA (Adobe Certified Associate) Certification

Is ACA Certification part of your program? Do you offer ACA Certification in your school district? Where is the nearest testing facility?

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Louis Jalaba

Posted on 8/4/13 7:43:24 PM Permalink

Hi Melissa, I have unfortunately missed the Certiport 'Make your mark', but am registering for any future programmes. The registration details asks for the name of school, which I cannot confirm until September. If I am not affiliated with an established school or educational organisation, am I still eligible to undertake the ACA certification course and will I be restricted in receiving any of the benefits? Cheers, Lou :?

steve pettenati

Posted on 6/8/13 11:15:40 PM Permalink

We have been using the ACA exam for the past two years for our students. I would recommend to anyone that you purchase a site license rather than a per seat license. The addition of practice exams and the opportunity for students to re-take an exam are great motivators for student success. I strongly recommend ACA exams for anyone using, learning, teaching in the Adobe line. It is outstanding for any educational environment. The first year is scary, but with any kind of effort and support your going to be just fine. PS...certiport is VERY helpful. They answer questions very quick.

ivan irianto

Posted on 4/4/13 3:40:08 AM Permalink

yes it is our part program now, and i'm happy with that. our vocational high school is the first school that adopt the ACA certification program trough certiport in indonesia. therefor many opinion and comment say that program is expensive, hard to apply, and tottally unacceptable "what u can do with a paper?". for answering those comment, i took the Design & Visual Communications exam(PS) first. thank god i got score 950. and the certificate paper has delivered direct to our school from sweeden. i told them(people in the school), near to the future people will easy arrived to our country and make their fortune here. it is a time bomb when our vocational students didnt get their job. some industries recognition credential is needed to challenge those foreign labor. and Asean Free Trade Area (AFTA) policy is not joking.

from that, our headmaster and co has agree to adopt aca and our school become authorized testing center trough certiport.

now i have a question, what is the next step to upgrade my skill/certificate?(is ACE?) assuming my students pass the exam.

or is there any program such teacher exchange or something like that, for better experince and curricula? (believe me learning face to face is better experience than learning on pdf/e-book).

sorry i have my own anglish. thank you.

Tarek Bahaa El Deen

Posted on 3/3/13 4:40:35 PM Permalink

the matter issue in ACA it doesn't offer a certificate in InDesign or Illustrator until now

marcia blanco

Posted on 3/3/13 4:35:18 AM Permalink

I teach a small Design & Visual Communications program in a tiny high school technical center in Northern Vermont. My Director felt that (in addition to the 9 community college credits available) my program needed some sort of tangible IRC (Industry recognized credential.) This was really the only one I could find and the jury is still out on it I think. I'm not sure what this certification can provide that a good portfolio can't.

Melissa Jones

Posted on 3/2/13 1:40:46 AM Permalink

Hi David, I manage this program. We have over 2,000 high schools, community colleges and job training centers around the world that offer the ACA, and over 200,000 individuals who have earned the certification. if you're interested, you can sign up for a free certification pathway here:

Albert Tucker

Posted on 4/27/13 10:54:37 PM Permalink

Melissa - it appears that the Make your Mark program has expired - any chance of it being revived? When I tried to register on Certiport I was told my email address was invalid.

Also, do instructors need to pass the ACE exam prior to getting their programs offering the ACA certification? I can't seem to find any info on what is required of the instructor. Thanks!

Melissa Jones

Posted on 4/30/13 12:12:17 AM Permalink

Hi Albert,

You're right! I think Make Your Mark has expired. If you email me I can talk to Certiport about getting you a voucher. melijone at adobe dot com

Instructors do not need to pass the ACE prior to teaching the ACA. There are no requirements for becoming an ACA instructor. You can simply download our free curricula and get going. If you'd like to get your institution set up as a testing center, you can do so very easily by visiting

David Olinger

Posted on 2/22/13 4:47:33 PM Permalink

It is not part of my program. How many high schools integrate this into the curriculum?

Erik Cain

Posted on 2/20/13 2:39:35 PM Permalink

We are investigating into offering this. We are waiting on the state board to decide. I think it will be a valuable tool for our students.

Mike Blegen

Posted on 2/20/13 2:04:16 PM Permalink

Yes- we offer the ACA for Visual Communications and Rich Media to our students. Ordering tests is very easy through Certiport (another teacher on campus gets the IT Strata) but I decided to go with a site license in order to ease the retake process.

Joseph Matos

Posted on 8/2/12 2:41:53 AM Permalink

Does anyone know where i can get a good pratice test at for Cheap or better yet free?

Craig Newman

Posted on 8/2/12 4:22:36 PM Permalink offers some practice tests.

Melissa Jones

Posted on 8/2/12 4:25:26 PM Permalink

If you sign up for our promotion this summer, you get a free test, a free practice test, free online training and a free upgrade to the ACA Educator certification.

Any teacher can sign up.

This promotion is currenlty only open to residents of the US, but will soon be available in other regions.

Joseph Matos

Posted on 8/2/12 10:34:52 PM Permalink

Hi melissa,

this seems like something for a teacher but i'm not a teacher is there any other way to get a free material from this web site ?

Melissa Jones

Posted on 8/2/12 11:19:21 PM Permalink

I think in that case you'd probably have to purchase a practice test from Certiport. You can buy vouchers on their website or via a reseller. Sorry!

Denise Spence

Posted on 7/24/12 12:53:44 AM Permalink

I manage our school's certification programs at Dunbar High School in Fort Myers, Florida. ACA is an integral part of our design programs. It allows students to add a professional credential to their personal resumes, making them more marketable to employers and colleges.

Melissa Jones

Posted on 7/20/12 10:59:55 PM Permalink

Hi Judy,

I manage the ACA program for Adobe. We just had a webinar yesterday about the ACA and our plans for the program moving forward. Check it out if you haven't already, and msg me with your thoughts / ideas / questions.

Adobe Education

Posted on 6/23/11 4:49:17 AM Permalink

Mike Skocko

Posted on 6/22/11 4:06:05 PM Permalink

We may give this a shot next year. Two ACA experts are Rob Schwartz and Pete Episcopo. I sent both of them messages. If one or both don't respond ASAP, I say they have to buy the first few rounds at the Summer Institute.

Rob Schwartz

Posted on 6/22/11 6:45:48 PM Permalink

It's a HUGE part of my program. Our school has been #1 or 2 since the program started in getting kids certified. I do a lot of work with florida schools as it's part of the school grading program and also gives kids college credits when they get certified. It's great when a kid gets an A or B in my class... it's a huge bonus when they also have a college course out of the way and have a base industry certification. IT's also tied very closely to $$ here in florida, so we can generate a lot of funds for the programs that are doing what Adobe says is the baseline.

Only problem with it is psychological... some teachers, and many students think that getting the certification means they've arrived. IT's not that way. It's surviving the elimination round and is actually the beginning of the actual competition... Certification means you know photoshop. A portfolio means you know how to use it to design and make a customer happy.

Sorry I've been off the grid mike... incorporated and have been busy re-writing the Photoshop curriculum.


Kelly Kermode

Posted on 7/24/12 5:01:33 PM Permalink

What was the process in getting FLA colleges to accept the ACA as a "test-out" for a college class? (Am I reading this correctly?)

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!


Denise Spence

Posted on 7/24/12 6:10:49 PM Permalink