Stephen Henderson
High school teacher

Using MYP Design Curriculum

Hi All,

I'm a new to Adobe Exchange and this is my very first post!

I work at an IB school in Australia and I'm looking at trying to implement a new Media Arts course. The goal of it is to teach Adobe products so that they are ready for their year 11 and 12 subject called Film and Television. My current plan goes as follows:

Year 9 – Semester 1- Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator – Logo and Poster for a business.

Year 9 – Semester 2 – Adobe After Effects – Make a YouTube Instructional Video

Year 10 – Semester 1 – Adobe Premiere Pro/ Story – Make a fake Newscast (biased)

Year 10 – Semester 2 – All the software we have covered – Final Project

Rather than reinvent the wheel. I'm looking for someone to collaborate with.

If anyone has any resources/suggestions on how to work on this or is currently I would like to work together.



  • Adobe Premiere Pro

    Edit media in its native format and create productions for film, TV, and web.

  • Photoshop

    Editing and compositing for photos, web and mobile app designs, 3D artwork, videos, and more.

  • After Effects

    Create motion graphics and visual effects for film, TV, video, and web.

  • Illustrator

    Create beautiful vector art and illustrations.

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Posted on 8/24/17 4:09:27 PM Permalink

​Took me a minute to figure out how but I went ahead and loaded my Canvas Course Export under "Teaching Materials" associated with my profile. I think if you click my profile picture you should be able to see it.

Adobe Education

Posted on 8/24/17 4:26:39 PM Permalink

Yep here's your ​resource - thanks for sharing! ​

Adobe Education

Posted on 8/24/17 3:33:09 PM Permalink

​Wow - what great responses and wonderful content so many of your shared. For those that posted links here in the comments or mentioned that you content by email - another idea to consider is to share your great work as it's ​own resource on the AEE for other members to more easily find (as it may get a bit lost as a comment in this discussion). And who knows maybe it will also get featured in a future newsletter!

​The AEE Team

Stephen Henderson

Posted on 8/24/17 10:11:59 PM Permalink

Thanks AEE team! Was pleasantly surprised by the response :)

Linda Clark

Posted on 8/22/17 10:59:55 PM Permalink

I have just collated my resources for teaching a Creative Industries, IT course in Brisbane Australia. https://moodleshare.mta.qld.edu.au/ . create an account here and you will be able to see curated content for the Adobe software that you mention, plus graphic design theory and web development with a smattering of coding.

Stephen Henderson

Posted on 8/22/17 11:04:23 PM Permalink

Hi Linda,
Thank you for the link. I'm looking for more of a collaboration with people to create resources/work programs for MYP.

Kind regards,


Linda Clark

Posted on 8/23/17 9:12:53 AM Permalink

Hi Stephen,

I am giving a talk on how I deliver my lessons this Friday. I have put together a few samples of my tasks, the student responses and some products here. https://sites.google.com/students.mta.qld.edu.au/o...

The final task on this page is what I would expect a senior student to produce, task, response and brief are provided.

Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, (and their States) are all are heavy users of Adobe software, so you are bound to find some Aussie stuff - just not the MYP curriculum.

Stephen Henderson

Posted on 8/23/17 10:58:25 PM Permalink

Hi Linda,

I've had a look at your assessment and they are amazing! Thank you very much for the insight on how to write up the tasks.

Kind regards,


Stephen Henderson

Posted on 8/22/17 10:59:44 PM Permalink

Also for anyone interested here is the youtube intro that I got the students to make. I made my own to demonstrate what can be done with Adobe.


Stephen Henderson

Posted on 8/22/17 10:58:20 PM Permalink

Hi all,

Here is a copy of the MYP assessment I've made. (They are best downloaded, Google docs viewer has distorted the formatting I have put in place)

Year 9 Sem 1 - Make a Brand(Logo) Illustrator/Photoshop


Year 9 Sem 2 - Make a newscast - Premiere/ Story


Year 10 Sem 1 - Make a Youtube Tutorial - Illustrator/Premiere/After Effects


Year 10 Sem 2 - Videography - Use all of their skills together


Any feedback or assistance would be appreciated. :)


Joel Aarons

Posted on 8/22/17 10:39:34 PM Permalink

If I can be self promotional here, I suggest everyone check out my blog Confessions of a Media Arts Teacher. I am a primary/elementary school Media Arts teacher who uses Adobe programs in my syllabus. I use a lot of the mobile apps like Sketch, Draw, Capture, Photoshop Fix, Photoshop Mix and Comp. I also, from Years 3-6, use the desktop apps. Everything from Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Animate, Muse, Audition, Premiere Pro and even After Effects. Although the lessons in blog are made with Primary School students in mind, they can easily be adapted for older students. There is also a book to purchase on my site which expands on the posts with video tutorials and downloadable lesson resources. Check it out!

Stephen Henderson

Posted on 8/22/17 11:02:05 PM Permalink

Wow Joel! You have done some amazing stuff! I really liked your emojis tutorial. I will try to incorporate this into my year 9 course! Thank you kindly!

Linda Clark

Posted on 8/26/17 12:11:12 PM Permalink

These are great. Thanks for sharing.​


Posted on 8/22/17 10:30:21 PM Permalink

​I teach in the Arts Audio/Visual program at Hutchison High School (tech program in Fairbanks Alaska). I can share out some Canvas Courses if you like that I have designed which would give you module by module how I do my courses. Let me know if you want that. P.S. Canvas is an online course creation program similair to say Blackboard or WebCT. I teach classes live but use Canvas to support all of it.

Stephen Henderson

Posted on 8/22/17 10:51:20 PM Permalink

Hi Bejamin,

Thank you for the message. That would be awesome if I could get some courses on Illustrator/photoshop/premier/after Effects!

Kind regards,


Louise Azzi

Posted on 8/22/17 8:24:04 PM Permalink

I work in NSW​ where we have a subject called Photographic and Digital Media. I do units where students use Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro and After Effects in Yrs 9 to12. Are you teaching this from a visual design perspective? Happy to share resources if you are interested, our units follow themes and we teach the software as part of the coursework.

Stephen Henderson

Posted on 8/22/17 10:41:13 PM Permalink

Hi Louise,

We are doing it from a Media Arts perspective. Getting the students to make a process journal of how they create their products.​ I would love to see how you approach it. What would be the best way to see how you do it?

Louise Azzi

Posted on 8/23/17 7:29:05 AM Permalink

​I have an email for work azzil@ww.catholic.edu.au My year 10 students are currently making short films as part of a project learning based task called the Mystery Project. Students have been immersed in a site, had planning time, written stories, storyboarded, learnt mise en scene and cinematograph basics, completed some filming and editing using Premiere Pro and some After Effects. Now they are about to start the filming of the final work. If this is of interest please email me and I will get back to you.

Christopher Hall

Posted on 8/22/17 5:55:46 PM Permalink

​this looks great!!! I'm doing the same thing at an IB school in California, US. I have tons of tutorials and lessons if you need any.

Stephen Henderson

Posted on 8/22/17 10:39:10 PM Permalink

Hi Christopher, That would be great! What is the best way to share resources?

Christopher Hall

Posted on 8/23/17 4:12:08 AM Permalink

​I have an email halch@me.com