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hardware vs software

what is your fav hardware or software

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Muhammad ayyaz

Posted on 12/11/14 3:51:23 AM Permalink

Hardware provides platform to run a software. so without hardware software is nothing and vice versa.

Samuel Ochieng

Posted on 12/10/14 11:33:32 AM Permalink

Both because without all there is way you be able work. I would prefer software.

Eliot Attridge

Posted on 8/4/14 12:08:40 AM Permalink

If I ignored my computer (Macbook) then hardware-wise my graphics tablet is my favourite piece of hardware.

Software- depends on the task, so Creative Cloud, Voice, Scrivener would be my choice.

Herb Dunmore

Posted on 7/13/14 5:11:40 AM Permalink

Choosing a single favorite Adobe program is difficult. If I could only choose one for the various projects I work on, it would have to be Photoshop for its photo, vector, animation, web design, video editing features.

Wing Yiu

Posted on 7/4/14 4:27:29 AM Permalink

Yes. I agree this is a big hard to answer.

If you refer to computer, I would prefer Macbook Pro or iMac.

For software, my favourite Adobe software is Lightroom.

Shawn Caine

Posted on 7/1/14 4:10:01 AM Permalink

I love the new look and feel of Photoshop CC. The Image adjustments tools are some of my students fav tools.

Damien Soukhavong

Posted on 6/16/14 8:47:57 PM Permalink

What is the question behind exactly? They are both interdependent, if software weren't existing there would be no need of hardware, and vice-versa (if you're talking in the computing way). If you mean in term of prices, it depends on the context.

Desktop : more money in the software
Server : MUCH more money in the hardware