Joe Dockery

Photoshop Touch in the Classroom

Let's brainstorm some ideas on how to integrate Adobe Photoshop Touch into the classroom.
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David Egbert

Posted on 7/24/12 7:17:49 PM Permalink

Here are a few ideas (assuming students all have access to Photoshop Touch):

Poster Activity: Create a poster of a historical event, for a science project, school event, etc. from photos, text and graphics (materials could be previously created). Submit the poster to the Creative Cloud and send it to instructor or to the class for comments.

Photo Feedback - Take a photo with the tablet, bring it in to Photoshop Touch, manipulate it. Submit the photo to the instructor for feedback.

Magazine Cover Mockup - Have the students work on mocking up a magazine cover for a project. Use the Creative Cloud to gather feedback.

Telestrations - Take of photo of student participating in a kinesthetic activity. Bring the photo in Photoshop Touch. Create a new layer and telestrate over the top of the photo drawing arrows, circles and other drawing to highlight specifc areas of of excellence and show areas of improvement. Send it off the student for review.

I think this is just the tip of the iceberg of the cool things we'll be able to do with tablets.


Joe Dockery

Posted on 7/24/12 9:38:06 PM Permalink

I love the Telestration idea!

Sara Martin

Posted on 7/24/12 9:51:10 PM Permalink

I agree with Joe-I really like the telestration idea!

Meredith Blache

Posted on 7/24/12 4:46:08 PM Permalink

I like the idea of using it for preplaning projects. Using it for idea boards etc.

Gerben van der Leun

Posted on 7/24/12 4:14:17 PM Permalink

I think it is usable, maybe in a social network.