Dan Armstrong
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What are you doing with DPS in K-12 education

I ran a series of DPS courses with students during the beta with the Digital Publishing Suite. We created some different things and I would like to understand how other schools are using it. We created a couple different things:

#1 We created a fire evacuation route map utilizing multi-state objects. It had buttons that you could click based on where you were in the building and it would show you which way to exit the building. The idea was that you are not always in you class when the fire bell goes off.  We considered adding the Emergency response manual to it as well but never got that far. 

#2 We created a student hand book. It has a button for each section of the hand book and the students could push the button to jump to the section that they wanted to navigate to. It was pretty good but at the time we were only able to use it on the ipad and I knew that if I wanted to get to the students I would have to get it ready for the iPod touch. 

Now there is an option to publish to the iPod touch and I am wondering what others are doing with the DPS solution as I have been out of the DPS scene for about a year.

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Suzanne Johnson

Posted on 11/8/13 8:03:40 PM Permalink

I use DPS with my higher-ed students to produce a digital teaser issue of a digital magazine concept.

The class we teach this in is called "Digital Publishing." Throughout the month students learn how to design for multi-page publications utilizing Adobe InDesign. It used to be strictly print, but I have been teaching this project for over half a year now, and I am amazed at how the difference between the experience of print and the interactivity of DPS is quickly evolving.

I really like the idea of creating a resource from elements that students are familiar with (totally focused)! Are you having your students work in a group to gather the assets and complete the publication?

Mike Skocko

Posted on 9/14/13 11:44:12 PM Permalink

I have to echo Karen's comments. Useful and relevant indeed!

Stealing your evac and handbook concepts and pitching the ideas to my principal on Monday. (With full props to Idaho Dan, of course. :)

Re: Your Question...

We used DPS to produce an interactive copy of this book for our Surrealistic Me, our third annual global collaborative project.

Year 5 is on the way. Details coming soon!

Karen Henchy

Posted on 9/12/13 11:41:07 PM Permalink

That is awesome. They are all very useful and relevant projects. I would be interested in learning how DPS is being used in K-12 education as well.

Nancy Parker

Posted on 8/3/13 3:08:31 PM Permalink

Hi Dan,

What grade level did you do these projects with? I have not seen any K-6 students at all work with DPS in the many districts that I cover. I would like to know where, if any, students in K-6 are using it.

Nick Webster

Posted on 7/30/13 11:40:04 PM Permalink

Hi Dan,

DPS is something we are really only getting our teeth into here in my organisation. Essentially for now we have built it into an existing contemporary magazine brief for our Graphic Design students so at the end of the brief they then focus on conversion of a certain amount of their pages into a document we are testing on iPads. I too am interesting to know what is happening at higher education level with DPS.