Anthony Skip Basiel
(former) Associate Dean

Augmented Reality -

Hello AR Educators –

I have been asked to involve you in my talk, ‘Education and Training with Augmented Reality: Virtual Knowledge?’

To open our discussion I would like to get your definition of what ‘KNOWLEDGE’ means to you in the context of your profession and your prior experience. Please leave a comment below and share your view.

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Thọ Hoàng

Posted on 2/21/18 8:01:02 PM Permalink


Larissa Warren

Posted on 1/9/17 2:48:49 AM Permalink

​Hi Anthony, I tried to view your video, however, it is very difficult to hear you. I had a student of mine involved in a AR sculpture workshop and exhibition at our regional gallery last year.

A fantastic opportunity for him to work alongside artists. He has now graduated but will come back to school and help teach some skills to my junior students. I have little knowledge of this type of art form. Its impossible to be a specialist in every art, that is why we regularly employ artists-in residence at the school I work at, and take up opportunities like this one.