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Adobe Premiere Clip in the Classroom

How might you use Adobe Premiere Clip with students in a teaching and learning context? 

Share your ideas here.

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Tyler Dockery

Posted on 3/17/15 4:37:54 PM Permalink

Use it to demonstrate small items to help teachers flip the classroom

Students can introduce themselves and show their hobbies

Students could demonstrate their abilities in short musical clips

Students could use it to accompany reports

students could use it to set youtube accounts

adding multimedia to presentations

short interviews to augment school websites, newspapers, etc.

recording home science experiments based on school lectures

tom perazzo

Posted on 2/12/15 9:45:57 PM Permalink

If my district would allow us to use our funds to purchase iPads instead of these cheap samsungs.....I would use Premiere Clip to have students create instructional videos for students in lower grades. We could create a site for the videos and share it with other teachers.

Fredrik Andersson

Posted on 3/5/15 10:04:18 PM Permalink

Great idea to create instructional videos for students in lower grades

Eliot Attridge

Posted on 6/12/15 1:10:46 AM Permalink

There's a Beta program for Android apps, so maybe this will have changed in a few months time...