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At what age do you think keyboarding skills should be taught or what age are they taught for your children?  With today's new tech standards I think that kids are going to need these skills at a much younger age.

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Dan Armstrong

Posted on 7/31/13 8:56:33 AM Permalink

My 10 year old is using hot keys in Illustrator already. In my opinion she should be using a computer every day at school. She is more then ready and competent to do it but I doubt her teacher is trained to teacher her what she needs. The only think stoppoing my 8 yr old from going on webkins is that he doesn't know how to open the web page. He could easy be taught that as he is already playing strategy games like risk on the iPad.

Meredith Blache

Posted on 7/30/13 6:15:27 PM Permalink

I think keyboarding is not a skill that needs to be taught. I think computers just need to be used. Just because "we" were taught via a typing class does not meaning this generation needs to do the same. My daughter now going on to college never took a keyboarding class or was every taught or told how to type BUT she definitely knows her way around the keyboard and can type just as fast as me without looking at her fingers. It is about use and practice. Just like language. When you take english, do they teach you how to speak english (if you are a native english speaker)?

Peter Pohler

Posted on 7/26/13 9:24:29 PM Permalink

I know in my education, I began learning how to type around Jr. High (7th grade). I would think the best time to learn typing is around the time a student is creating large essays and research papers. That way there is some practice both inside the classroom and, hopefully, outside the classroom. Although a lot of children have access to typing via tablets, smartphones, or dumb phones the fact that the keyboards may not react the same as a laptop or desktop computer really doesn't foster learning to type with "home row" keys. Again, that's my personal opinion. I don't think there's any real research to back that up.

Rakesh Mondal

Posted on 6/2/13 9:37:07 AM Permalink

Today kids are more comfortable in tablet devices like iPad , my daughter is just 3+ years old and she can recognized the keyboard, but i have seen she is more comfortable in iPad in terms of typing.