Andrew On Yi Lai
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Innovative ways to showcase student work?

Hello All!

I was hoping to seek ideas, opinions and strategies with regards to innovative ways to showcase student work (digital media productions). What has worked for you in the past? How did you engage the target audience? What was the audience response? What were the WOW factors that made it work?

Best regards,


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Kevin Cummins

Posted on 10/23/18 3:19:57 AM Permalink

My students use Google Slides, but visually they stink. We are looking at creating Adobe Spark Page to add more punch to them.

Romeo Jr Catap

Posted on 8/15/18 4:58:43 PM Permalink

​I'd be exploring Adobe InDesign's interactive feature. I teach in a product design course, and in the lack of space due to size issues of student outputs, I'm curious utilizing the publication-interactive output of InDesign and maybe even just present like large touchscreen monitors with their portfolios, and viewers can just tap and play with the screens with the product item of their choice.

Raju ipi

Posted on 6/24/18 10:19:42 AM Permalink

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Jonathan Y

Posted on 1/10/18 9:41:36 AM Permalink

Tony Fling

Posted on 12/4/17 8:14:47 PM Permalink

​In relation to Digital Photos and Still Artwork, we have worked in the past with local art galleries and frame shops that are willing to showcase our students work.

Mihai Zahiu

Posted on 11/6/17 9:17:29 AM Permalink

Here, in our academy, we usually have the digital student work in relation to a client need. (eg. new branding, new website, logo). In the end, we use cardboard walls in the main building where students do an exhibition and they actually have a stand and the client comes and put questions and in the end, the best one is chosen.

Donna Dolan

Posted on 5/17/17 11:49:56 AM Permalink

​HI Andrew, You ask such a good question.. While my classes tend to produce more projects for print, my school allows us to display student work around campus. Sometimes we get a spot on the daily news produced by other students. I wish I could say my students get involved in local competitions, but they do not like to do that. Should I force students to put works into local student shows?

Larissa Warren

Posted on 11/4/16 4:26:27 AM Permalink

​Our Film and TV students have their film festival at a local cinema. Tickets sell out fast, and its great to see the amazing talents of our students on the big screen. My junior Media students showcase their projects on Behance. They get very excited when a professional artist likes and comments on their posts. Many of my senior Art students create artist instagram pages. This has been an excellent way for them to connect with other artists.

Leslie Reichert

Posted on 6/22/17 12:56:42 AM Permalink

That is awesome your local cinema allows media students an opportunity to showcase their work on a large screen for the community to see. Out of curiosity, was the local cinema a chain or a small company? Also, how did you obtain permission? This sounds like a great idea!

jeniffer homes

Posted on 3/7/16 5:57:43 AM Permalink

We are also looking to involve more student musicians at our show this year. I like the idea of having a jazz band playing at the event.This medium would be a great way to bottle our experience and document student progress. Parents express appreciation in seeing their child working on something with a real world application. i will definitely try Adobe Voice & Adobe Slate since these are highly recommend both apps.

Sandra Hodges

Posted on 9/5/15 1:12:31 AM Permalink

I see this is focused on perhaps video, but digital media can be print as well in middle school - yes?

I plan on moving this small group towards video next - so here goes.

Hello to this discussion. Just now I have looked around to post something wonderful that has unfolded recent weeks for myself and my middle school 7th grade students. When school started my librarian had said she wanted Genre posters for the glass windows that are between our library and main hallway. I suggested that my small class (8 students) could create those posters using Adobe Illustrator and she said "yes!". The students had a bit of Ai last year in 6th grade and we took on the task!

They have worked, explored, edited, taken pictures to use, grabbed pictures from the internet, explored fonts, created shadows with text, created perspective with text and overall - it has been a super wonderful learning curve. (for them and for me)

Today we printed 3 of the 10 posters on our Canon poster printer. The students are so proud - and should be. We found several mistakes when some JPG's were on the screen of the printer. I said, "we will not print this yet." Back to editing.

How to display? My answer is in simple terms - in the hallway!

Sometimes, keep it simple. I have not had students create videos yet, but will certainly be reading more on this post to figure out how. Privacy is a huge thing with middle school. Tonight, I am thinking I need to start a FB page for my class in order to share student work with parents.

We have a large wall mounted TV monitor in a main hallway - where my students could showcase work and I will be using that as well.

I love Adobe Education site because I know that when I learn, they learn. And with Adobe software I can see their growth and they can as well.


Andrew Lai

Posted on 9/5/15 8:30:31 AM Permalink

Hi Sandra,

Thank you for your response. Printed collateral is definitely a key stream of digital media production. I also get my students to print their project posters on A1 paper to make a statement as well. I am also thinking to decorate the entire wall in my classroom with post it note art, creating a pixelated image in Photoshop/Illustrator and then scaling that to the dimensions of the wall.

andrew drozd

Posted on 9/1/15 11:57:44 PM Permalink

Hey Andrew,

I teach a Photoshop class and for the last few years have been creating short documentaries that weave student work products and reflections on their recently acquired skill set. This medium has been a great way to bottle our experience and document student progress. Parents express appreciation in seeing their child working on something with a real world application. Additionally these docs serve as evidence to subsequent students that I am an authority on the subject matter when I share with class on the first day of school (as I plan to next week).

Here's one I created earlier this year that captures our experience creating print media for local businesses:

Hope that helps!


Andrew Lai

Posted on 9/2/15 12:53:06 AM Permalink

Thanks Andrew!

Wonderful to see you getting your students involved with community projects that bring value to both student learning and the local businesses. This is the direction I am pointing my Multimedia students towards. We have begun to work on several video projects for the school and also extending our reach to the local council. Phenomenal work to have TV coverage as well!

Dennis Engelhardt

Posted on 6/22/18 1:23:26 PM Permalink

What a fantastic idea! ​

Neil Emery

Posted on 8/23/15 3:27:16 PM Permalink

We have a very popular digital signage showcasing product called TrilbyTV. Developed specifically for education and all about student voice and ownership. Doing very well in the UK and will be launching in the US one day very soon -

Andrew Lai

Posted on 9/2/15 12:46:34 AM Permalink

Thanks Neil, seems like an awesome way of sharing video content quickly within the school. Does this also work with sharing content beyond the one school? What iPad video editing apps do students tend to use along with TriblyTV?

Brian O'Dell

Posted on 8/15/15 10:59:04 AM Permalink

We are discussing doing a live feed through our school website. If that is not an option then we will post on the school website. However since its not until the Spring we have a long wait. If you click on my linkedin icon there is a link to my web page. If thats an issue you can click here

Andrew Lai

Posted on 8/15/15 11:24:33 PM Permalink

Thanks for the link Brian. May I ask the number of attendees the show attracts each year? And how many students are part of the displays?

Brian O'Dell

Posted on 8/15/15 1:51:47 AM Permalink

Our school holds an annual Art, Jazz and Film festival each Spring where the Art Department Music Department and Digital Media Classes put on a showcase of student work inside the school. People can come in and sit at tables and order food while the band plays jazz music. At any time they can get up and walk around to see all the artwork, graphic design projects and digital design projects students have completed. Its a huge success each year and we get great reviews about student work.

We also enter student work into as many contests held around the country that we can. I suggest researching art and film schools as well as companies that offer these contests as its a great learning experience as well as a great resume builder and possible contact to the next step in your students' career if they are interested.

Andrew Lai

Posted on 8/15/15 3:28:21 AM Permalink

Thanks for your input Brian. We are also looking to involve more student musicians at our show this year. I like the idea of having a jazz band playing at the event. Will definitely be looking to encourage my students to enter more competitions next year. Would you happen to have a highlights video or website setup for your schools event? Would love to see how it looks like.

Rebecca DeWeese

Posted on 5/17/17 6:11:30 PM Permalink

This is similar to my school. We hold an arts festival each year with the school near us and have art displayed as well as a concert. We usually also try to get the dancers to perform a short piece and involve various components of theater. They have done improv, short scenes from current production, displayed set pieces, videos from the class, etc. How do you handle guests ordering food? Where does that come from? We usually have a dessert reception that is done by parent volunteers.

Gaye Kershaw

Posted on 8/8/15 11:18:16 PM Permalink

Hi Andrew,

Try Adobe Voice & Adobe Slate. I highly recommend both apps.

Kind Regards,


Andrew Lai

Posted on 8/8/15 11:38:37 PM Permalink

Hi Gaye,

Thanks for your response. I'm very interested in learning more about the application of mobile apps in the classroom. I am gradually blending my teaching methods across desktop and mobile platforms. To run it successfully would the students require access to iPads?



Ben Forta

Posted on 8/20/15 5:53:13 PM Permalink

Andrew, correct, Voice and Slate are currently iPad applications, so an iPad would be needed to create content. However, created content can be viewed using a web browser on any device or platform.

--- Ben

Andrew Lai

Posted on 8/22/15 1:08:09 PM Permalink

Thanks for the clarification Ben.

Brett Kent

Posted on 8/8/15 9:55:41 PM Permalink

The most successful I've found is holding an event/ exhibition. When you make a big deal about something and invite them to come, they do. However this only works for large scale projects, I'd be interested to see how people are sharing the digital portfolios that grow on a daily basis.

Andrew Lai

Posted on 8/8/15 11:31:53 PM Permalink

Hi Brett,

Thanks for your input!

I definitely agree with the traditional method of running an event/exhibition. I am currently running an annual digital media showcase at my school and looking to build it into a cross school event in the next few years to reach a larger audience. Have you heard of or witnessed any particularly successful shows that involved multiple schools? What did it involve? Digital portfolios is something I need to explore, at the moment YouTube is our largest vehicle.