I have uploaded a new resource - a small unit on Creating Escher inspired tessellations using cultural symbols in Illustrator or Photoshop

Just thought I would let all know that I have posted a new resource:

Escher Would be Proud: Exploring Culture and Design with Tessellations

This is a printable and digital resource for a unit on the exploring the work of M.C. Escher, a tessellation design challenge, and an exploration of cultural symbols.

This unit was designed with these goals in mind:

Have students learn about the graphic design work of M.C Escher.

Encourage students to look beyond the facts and pictures or even the stories of an artwork and seek to understand it's cultural, symbolic, and social meaning across cultures.

to have students select one of a number of approaches to create a repeat pattern design in the form of a tessellation.

This package contains instructions, student samples, downloadable and editable worksheets, reference links and a rubric.

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uma ravi

Posted on 7/16/14 9:05:29 AM Permalink

Thanks for sharing.I liked the students look beyond their art works to understand its cultural symbolic and social meaning.It could have been of more help to view the resource if it is uploaded.

katherine Yamashita

Posted on 8/16/14 6:19:51 PM Permalink

I will try to upload it.