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Have you tried Adobe Spark?

Describe your experience of using Adobe Spark to communicate your ideas. What did you like? What was challenging? How might you use Adobe Spark as a tool in your practice? 

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Nate Boyer

Posted on 11/14/17 4:17:14 AM Permalink

I love Spark's intuitive interface. It is easy to use and makes easy to get your ideas from inside your head to on the screen quickly.​

Susan Mango Curtis

Posted on 2/27/17 11:58:47 PM Permalink

What do you mean, I just used it ing class last week and on the weekend.

Susan Mango Curtis

Posted on 2/27/17 11:58:06 PM Permalink

Christine Clemmons

Posted on 2/27/17 6:52:20 PM Permalink

​Adobe Spark does not seem to work anymore :/

Debbie Hilliard

Posted on 8/23/16 3:08:48 PM Permalink

I love Adobe Voice!! It is so easy to use and the resources available are incredible! I cannot wait to introduce Spark to class of middle schoolers this week....hoping that this will Spark them to tell their stories! I am the Storyteller for our Educational Technology department and I plan to use Spark to help tell all of our great stories in Knox County Schools! Great product!! Uses will be limitless for students and teachers!

janice kelley

Posted on 7/9/16 2:25:53 AM Permalink

I LOVE Adobe Spark Video! I have shown it to 3rd and 4th grade students. A group of 4th grade students worked on their own video about endangered pandas with very little instruction. They LOVED it. One student could not wait to do more.

I wrote a feature story about Adobe Spark products that I hope will be included in a newsletter distributed to CA State Park staff on the value of using each of the 3 products as interpretive tools at parks, museums and historic sites.

Used Adobe Spark Post to make beautiful postcards for my blog and to share in just 3 minutes.

Jane McPherson

Posted on 6/18/16 7:48:18 AM Permalink

Love SPARK! Use it all the time. Students have used it to publish stories, learning tasks, portfolios, it can be used to demonstrate their learning so effectively and efficiently. And we don't need to print either!

I have also used it to make posters for around the school, labels for my google classroom, profile pictures, and even made learning videos with my 3-yr nephew to send to his family in the states.

And at the end of the day it looks like it should be in a magazine or on a fancy website!

Susan Mango Curtis

Posted on 5/20/16 3:54:28 AM Permalink

The idea of having all the software I use like Voice, Slate and Post in one location online is terrific. This means easy access for my students that didn't own tablets and were unable to use the software for assignments. Really cool storytelling software all in one place perfect for journalism of project that need to be produce on location.