Bethany Dutton
Media, IT Teacher

Which software to start with?

Hey everyone just wanted to find out in an IT design class what adobe software you would teach and why? 






Edge Animate?

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Rudi Spitzers

Posted on 1/20/16 8:02:05 AM Permalink

I would start with Photoshop before starting with Illustrator. In Photoshop it is easier to get quick results. So people get enthusiastic about the software. Illustrator start with a blank 'piece of paper' so it can be more intimidating. Illustrator is also known for not always generating error messages.

At our company we start in this order Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator.

Bethany Dutton

Posted on 8/10/15 11:53:33 AM Permalink

Thanks for that guys yes whether to start with illustrator or photoshop is a hard decision and one I am facing. As students generally have had some experience with photoshop and then they find illustrator very difficult as they are so used to photoshop. But thanks for the feedback

Brian O'Dell

Posted on 8/18/15 8:09:54 AM Permalink

I start with Photoshop as well with my Digital Media One Students and come to find that as I move into Illustrator they love it even more. I think because Photoshop is so basic in its tool use and how obvious each tool is (ie) whatever the tool is is exactly what it does, they learn to intertwine both and the move smoothly into Illustrator. I like Illustrator for my second year students because of the capabilities it provides in certain areas. Both are very helpful when using Premiere, After Effects and Indesign. That's whats nice having the Master Collection...everything is compatible with each other. Our school is still using CS6 and I wish we had CC. What are you editing your films with Premiere, After Effects etc?

Michael Chow

Posted on 8/10/15 7:43:02 AM Permalink

Hi Bethany,
I actually teach a class whee I introduce the big 3, Illustrator, PhotoShop and InDesign. And I used to teach PhotoShop first then Illustrator. I have now since changed it up and teach Illustrator, PhotoShop and InDesign. The main reason I teach in this order is because Illustrator is a bit easier to learn than say PhotoShop. Once the learners get the basics of the interface, menus and panels, when it comes to PhotoShop, the learning curve is on the up and up. And when you get to InDesign, it's smooth sailing.
After that, It's a toss up from Dreamweaver and Muse. It does help if one has some basic web skills. If they don't, then Muse would be the next choice.
Hope that helps.


Andrew Lai

Posted on 8/9/15 1:30:07 PM Permalink

Hi Bethany,

I usually start with Photoshop because it sets a good foundation for students when they want to learn other software like Illustrator and InDesign (concept of working with layers, groups, colour palettes, shape tools etc).

I teach film and animation so i usually move into Premiere Pro and After Effects after Photoshop. I dabble in a bit of Illustrator and InDesign for my junior classes but for me it all starts with Photoshop.