Ed Jennings
Department Chair Computer Network Program

Is anyone using Adobe Dreamweaver and WordPress as an educational blogging solution?

I'd like to learn more about Web design/development with Adobe Dreamweaver and WordPress. I don't have any formalized ideas. I just wanted to see if there were any WordPress Web sites designed with or using Adobe Dreamweaver of other Adobe products with WordPress for that matter.

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Robert Farrell

Posted on 8/14/13 9:08:35 PM Permalink

Hey Ed, Yes I have a How to use Dreamweaver and Wordpress combo course you can watch on

Ive been teaching Adobe production techniques since 1987 - 26 and I love what I do...

I add new videos to my courses every 4-6 weeks - please enjoy this course... Here is a $10 discount coupon

- Reg $99

Ed Jennings

Posted on 7/17/13 7:52:35 PM Permalink

Thanks for your respective inputs, Rob and Gary. I'll not "cross the streams" then ;)

I will investigate the Business Catalyst option, Rob as I see it is part of Creative Cloud. I am actually looking to build and exhibit a portfolio Web site. I was looking at the Dreamweaver article written about creating a portfolio with Dreamweaver.

I am looking for a comprehensive CSS layout tool for WordPress actually Gary. I am in league with your thoughts there. I am familiar with Edubogs.


Gary Poulton

Posted on 7/18/13 4:12:54 AM Permalink

Hi Ed.
Ahhh. A portfolio site. If you have a CC subscription why not use Behance. You would have an automatic subscription to their Pro site and it's good.

rob boerman

Posted on 7/17/13 3:32:34 PM Permalink

i work alot on wordpress websites. i love the platform, but it is far from perfect, first of all you need knowlegde of php to fully edit an template. ( or to make a template)

and second, it got some wierd bugs in the system ( like when you switch on a page from html to text and back, that just scambles your html divs.)

I think its better for you to start with a business catalyst website. you can use muse and dreamweaver to edit your site. with no php or java needed ( with muse you dont need to know anything about code to be able to create a powerfull site)

even i might start working with business catalyst in the near future ( and im someone who knows alot about php html5 css3 javascipt and jquery.)

Gary Poulton

Posted on 7/17/13 4:18:32 AM Permalink

To start with WordPress is a standalone CMS (Content Management System) . So you won't get anything useful other than CSS running off Dreamweaver. i.e., You can use Dreamweaver to generate CSS for your WordPress site. If you are running WordPress on your PC / Mac you may or may not be able to use Dreamweaver to edit pages (although I don't know why you would) and if you are running from online themes/ templates Dreamweaver will be out of the picture altogether. CSS is the best way to modify your WordPress Pages and what you use to do that is up to you. I have lots of WordPress sites and there's more than enough flexibility to not have to worry about external editing. Some examples (Edublogs has a WordPress back-end)