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I know several teachers today that are being asked to co-teach subjects with their peers. However, it seems to me that there is a severe lack of training in best-practice for co-teaching skills. Is your district asking teachers to co-teach? Are they providing education as to how to do this successfully? Do you buy into the idea that co-teaching is better for students?

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Nancy Parker

Posted on 9/25/13 10:50:23 PM Permalink

Hi Amy, I had one opportunity to co-teach. There was absolutely no training involved. It seemed like I was doing the teaching and the other teacher was more an observer. I later found out that the reason for calling it a co-teaching class was to be able to pack double the number of students in the class and get by the fact that the other teacher was not certified to teach the content. While I was a teacher-on-assignment I visited many classes in many districts. I never observed a class where the practice was in place. I do hope to hear from the teachers if there are any successful cases.

Ross Wallis

Posted on 7/31/13 5:47:35 PM Permalink

I love the idea of co-teaching or team teaching, and we do a lot of it in my faculty. I am completely convinced that it is great for students to have some of this - to get a variety of teaching styles and methods, not all the time, and not for all subjects, but at least some of the time. A lecture could be given to 100 students all at once rather than four times to 25 students. If I am working with my colleagues, I up my game, as I am aware that I am being observed as well, and I am sure that I perform better. It also does our self esteem good when we compliment each other on the content that we bring to the classes.

Lukas Engqvist

Posted on 7/19/13 6:43:28 PM Permalink

Being involved in a cross school collaborative competition has been a little like co-teaching. Just this week we had a discussion three teachers who have been involved in this Global Video Battle ( Planning the competition, listening in on the milestone presentations (4 presentations that the students made at critical points in the project) has given us a co-teaching experience and great discussions as we struggle with similar issues. We will be presenting what we gained as teachers in San Jose in a week, when I will meet my co-teachers that I've been collaborating with over the past two years for the fist time. I will try to remember to update this thread, and tell of how we plan to take what we have learned one step further. The amazing thing is that this has enabled me to reap the benefits of co-teaching even if I was the only teacher in my subjects at the school I was in.

Connie Spadafora

Posted on 7/19/13 3:39:17 PM Permalink

I have co-taught a course before and found it very good. I taught the lessons in which I had specialization and the other teacher taught the other class. Every week we had meeting to explain what had been covered, how the students understood the information and if any follow up was needed. I think that the communication we had with each other helped the course to go well. Additionally, I think that the students enjoyed having different teachers.

Jo Crosby

Posted on 5/19/13 2:13:03 AM Permalink

I have been involved in team teaching in adult education and believe it is the way to go. Sadly it is expensive to have more than one teacher in the room, but as far as educational outcomes are concerned it is great. The key, I believe, is preparation. The trainers involved must be absolutely united in their goals for the class. Egos must be left at the classroom door and trainers need to support each other not compete. The benefit for the students is that classes are more interesting with more than one voice in the room, and there can be a roving trainer who is helping students one to one. I have had my best teaching experiences team teaching.

Lukas Engqvist

Posted on 2/27/13 6:13:58 AM Permalink

During my placement as preteacher I was privileged to be working with teachers where we worked as a team. I have since I started teaching sought opportunities to be coteaching, if not classes at least lessons. The hard part is finding the funding. In my language there is no distinction between effectiveness and efficiency, and that may partly account for school leadership not buying into coteaching. Schools are pressured to be run efficiently. Co teaching I find is very effective, mainly due to the enhanced level of feedback to both teachers and all students. It's so great to be able to discuss a class with a coworker irrespective if it was a good or a bad day.