Tyler Dockery

Certification difficulty: ACE

For those of you who have completed the ACE, how difficult is it in comparison to the ACA?


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Julio Mendoza Benites

Posted on 6/17/15 9:26:44 PM Permalink

ACE and ACA are two totally different things, while ACA evaluates your knowledge of use of the program for certain activities, ACE evaluates your knowledge of the tool, it is much deeper.
I recommend that you prepare using the guide exam (you will find in ACE) and use the "classroom in a book" and the program's user guide on which you want to certify

will milne

Posted on 6/3/15 1:16:50 PM Permalink

I took the Photoshop CC ACE exam earlier this month. While it was difficult, after going through test prep that I purchased on the Adobe Marketplace (I purchased the Adobe Certified Expert Study Bundle), I was adequately prepared for the exam.

Fred Benitez

Posted on 4/27/15 9:04:50 PM Permalink

I recently took the Illustrator ACE exam and found it to be really difficult. The questions seemed to focus on the lesser known tools, but what really got me was the phrasing of the questions and answers. I consider myself to be very strong in Illustrator (14 years of experience), but the wording had me scratching my head. It would be nice to have a performance element to the exam. I took the Photoshop ACA so it's difficult to compare the two, but I believe the ACE was much harder.