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What Adobe Apps do you use in your Jr High curriculum?

I am reworking our technology curriculum and am wondering what Adobe apps others use in the Junior High (Grades 6-8) level. I am also interested in what types of projects you do with the apps that you are using.

Thanks for your input and I look forward to seeing what others are doing at this age level.

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Alper Ciftci

Posted on 9/7/19 11:25:37 AM Permalink

We have used Photoshop, Animate, Illustrator. Not for the mainstream class, only for electives for enthusiasts.​

Christopher OKoye

Posted on 8/2/19 5:04:58 PM Permalink

Jude Baca

Posted on 5/25/16 7:05:49 PM Permalink

I have 40 iPad Air2 for approx. 170 students - use 5 periods a day and on Semester schedule. We are working in Sketch, Draw, Spark Post, Clip, Voice, etc. this semester. Projects range from digital photo, graphic design, commercial design (fashion, luxury items, biotech, environmental designs, high tech and robotics) to Research/Development and product development with crowd source funding (Kickstarter).
We have approx. 20 Mac Air's that we use for video editing and claymation.Hoping to use the Macs next year for photoshop and illustrator. I have checked out the projects/lesson plans on the Adobe site and there are some great ideas. Unfortunately, the lesson plans are not written in the National Core Arts Standards format and few have student handouts/checklists/videos/additional resources/rubrics etc... So there is still a lot of work to do for teachers.
It would be great if Adobe would hire a real life Digital Media Arts teacher to put together curriculum, resources in a "How to do Adobe Apps packet for educators" in print. Add lots of great lesson plans and ideas from different sources for students of all ages. It would be great if teachers could find printed resources to make desk copies for students to follow for each App and projects. The tutorials on the website are great but hard to navigate back and forth on an iPad for students especially EL, EDD, Special Ed students as well as those new to technology.
What do you say Adobe? Want to put together curriculum and real lesson plans with teachers? =)

Sylvan Adams

Posted on 5/25/16 9:43:46 PM Permalink


I agree whole heartedly. I would like to participate in putting curriculum together. How do I send out what I have so far?

I am very new at these discussions....apologies :)

Jude Baca

Posted on 5/25/16 6:33:00 PM Permalink

Jude Baca

Posted on 2/11/16 7:59:06 PM Permalink


I teach Digital Media Arts for 7th & 8th grade. I have a class set of iPad 2 and have used PhotoShop Touch for four years until this year since Adobe abandoned PS. This year we are implementing the 10 Adobe Apps that took the place of PS. I am currently trying to learn the apps myself and writing a Common Core Curriculum with lesson plans for a 2 year program. I too am interested to see who else is doing this or something similar in order to gain more resources, ideas and projects. It would be great if Adobe would help teachers out who are investing time, energy and money on their Creative Cloud and Apps. =)

Bertha Kirschten

Posted on 3/4/16 3:24:26 PM Permalink


Do you use the iPads exclusively for your class or do you have Mac/PC available for your use? I have both, but this is the first year that I have had the iPads (side note is that the more I use them, the more I like them - especially for the younger kids).

Is your JH class a year or semester? I am on a semester basis for our 5-8 students.

Do your students already have some tech skills when they get to you? I am fortunate that I am the instructor for our K-12 students (very small district) and once I get this up and running, I will know what each grade level is doing and can build from each year.

I am also learning the iPad apps and have worked with Voice, Slate, PS Mix and PS Fix, a little with Comp, Capture and PS Express.

I have an idea where I want to go with my curriculum and projects, but I haven't had the time to start actual lesson planning. I have a feeling that will have to wait until my summer break. I think that I am going to use the iPad apps with the younger students and work into the desktop apps as they progress through the grade levels.

Adobe Education

Posted on 3/4/16 3:46:28 PM Permalink

I would encourage you both to search the AEE for what other members have posted on these various apps. There have been some great lesson plans and tutorials for most of the apps you discuss that may help you as you plan. Adobe also created these lessons specifically for Voice, Slate, and Premiere Clip.

The AEE Team

Sylvan Adams

Posted on 5/25/16 5:43:57 AM Permalink

I would really appreciate it if you shared what 10 apps you are learning. I am writing curriculum to parallel an advanced photoshop/videography class with iPad and apps as an alternative elective...hopefully leading to other visual art classes. Later, I would like digital experience to inform "hands on get dirty art making" and vis versa.