Elizabeth Phillips
Library Director

Adobe Acrobat Submit a form

I'm having an issue with the Submit a form button in Adobe Acrobat. I can include the Submit button and put in the email address to submit it to. The form gets submitted but the recipient can't open the form. I'd like to find out if anyone has had this problem and what can I do to fix it, or where I can get more information about it. Thanks.

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Maris Herr

Posted on 5/21/16 1:05:42 PM Permalink

I had a similar problem with students submitting forms, it turned out to be problem with the proxy settings on the school server. If anyone has a work around for this I would be grateful.

Dominique StGermain

Posted on 4/30/16 11:35:15 PM Permalink

Without the form and computer/software specs of who is not able to open the form, it is hard to troubleshoot.

Would you be willing to send me the form to me by email?

Elizabeth Phillips

Posted on 5/1/16 11:01:01 AM Permalink

Sure, I'd appreciate any help with this. What email address should I send it to? Alternatively you can send me an email at Thank you.

Dominique StGermain

Posted on 5/1/16 2:36:45 PM Permalink

I sent you an email :)

Elizabeth Phillips

Posted on 5/1/16 7:28:48 PM Permalink

Thanks. I have replied and tried to submit a form to you. Thanks for your efforts to help me! :)

Dominique StGermain

Posted on 5/8/16 5:22:27 AM Permalink

Did it work in the end?