Jody Campbell
Adjunct Instructor 2D, 3D and 4D Communication Design

Peer to Peer Communication

Why is there no way to communicate directly with other members on EDEX? It would be nice if members to message each other directly to collaborate on projects, etc. Who is with me on this?

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Rene Sanchez

Posted on 6/6/15 7:21:45 AM Permalink

Live chat rooms would be great for collaborating with not only other students in your course, but also on several topics that have already been brought up in other discussion board threads. We could have moderators for each chat room to ensure proper etiquette is adhered to, along with staying on subject of what any specific chat room's topic is about. There are several live messaging services that exist that could be used, but as creators in our world of adobe and with some of us also proficient programmers, maybe we could collaborate on our own version of some jabber software we could use.

Just my 25,000 cents.... ; )

Rene Sanchez (@breathingfirewd)

Paula Wynn

Posted on 1/14/15 2:29:18 AM Permalink


Renate Mairie

Posted on 1/14/15 1:49:42 AM Permalink

yes! please

uma ravi

Posted on 8/30/14 7:47:39 AM Permalink

I agree with you.We need a platform where to comunicate with others directly and collaborate.

Eliot Attridge

Posted on 8/29/14 9:56:46 PM Permalink

Completely agree. In NZ we have a portal called the Pond. It has opt in links to social networks, but this is an extra step.

I would like to message people from the network I am in, not use a social program that I already use for other purposes.

If people do not want contact, then give everyone the option of switching on messaging (and blocking)

Henry Sandoval

Posted on 8/29/14 4:35:53 AM Permalink

Yes, I agree with you. I just finished my Adobe trainer online course. Submitted my final assignment, did the 3 comments, I have all completed green check marks. I am getting emails saying to submit my final assignment. How do I know it is finally completed?


Adobe Education

Posted on 8/28/14 10:18:28 PM Permalink

This feature is on the roadmap, but we want to do it the right way. Not everyone wants to be able to send each other messages and there are a lot of other tools to use to do that. We're thinking about it as part of the social aspects of the site, but we don't want to replicate what already happens in other places. Do you have any ideas about what this would look like? A wall on your profile where people can post? An inbox that also sends emails? A way to allow "followers" to see your contact information? Something else? We'd love to hear your ideas on this as it will help us inform future development.

Sjaani van den Berg

Posted on 8/29/14 9:29:11 AM Permalink

As you've said, not everyone wants to be able to send messages.

What about an option on our profile pages which lets us opt in to receiving messages from signed in members.

If someone wants to send us a private message, they go to our personal profile to click a button which then allows for short messages, which would be emailed to us. The message window should include a box for the sender to include their email so that communication can be followed up through emails.

Hopefully this would not take general discussions away from EdEx, but sometimes getting a direct connection with others would be a more appropriate way to continue communications.

Jody Campbell

Posted on 9/16/14 8:05:03 PM Permalink

Wouldn't the op-out measure for those that don't want to message be just not using the feature? I think a wall on the profile page could work if it included a privacy setting so that you choose who can see what is being posted. Users may engage in discussion with information they may not want everyone to see...same thing with contact information...my inbox is are ready out of control and if address are made public to members I can see some potential for abuse.

I like the suggestion in Sjaani's comments above. A simple message button on the profile page that sends a short message. If the receiver wants or needs to follow up they can via email or by visiting the senders profile and clicking on their message button.

Sjaani van den Berg

Posted on 8/18/14 9:03:46 AM Permalink

Hi Jody,

I made a similar comment in a recent chat session.
It would be great to have the ability to send short messages, just to pass on contact details privately I think.

Jody Campbell

Posted on 8/19/14 1:32:58 PM Permalink

I agree with you...I don't understand why this can't be done from your profile page. The only thing that makes since is that by not offering it it forces the use of discussions boards.