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Adobe Workshop Certificates

I wanted to know if there is a certificate that is earned after completing an Adobe Workshop or if that is only after you complete a Adobe Course?

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Julie Persin

Posted on 8/1/16 9:24:50 PM Permalink

Remember, it is possible to work Adobe Workshops into your PDP-no certificate necessary, just documentation you participated which is shown on your Learning tab. Post workshop reflection and statements about how you will use the information in the classroom can all be incorporated.

Adobe Education

Posted on 7/12/16 2:54:32 PM Permalink

We don't have a certificate or badges for self-paced workshops on the AEE. You can use your "Learning" tab from your member dashboard as proof that they've completed a workshop. The anticipated time of completion on average is 8-12 hours. You would have to work with your school or district to determine if they would accept the workshop as PD hours.

The collaborative courses ( are 25-75 PD hours, depending on the course, and once you successfully complete the course you receive a credly badge that appears on the AEE and an email certifying your PD hours.

I hope this is helpful.

The AEE Team

Ms. Angela Cusaac

Posted on 7/12/16 2:36:46 PM Permalink

Certificates are earned after you take the ACA exam. The workshop or a course only prepare you to take the certification exam.