Nancy Parker
Educational Consultant

Camera Raw

I am looking for teaching material to use with students introducing them to camera raw. Please post if you have information on where educators can find "free" instructional materials addressing camera raw.

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Flora Cusi

Posted on 12/10/13 9:49:34 PM Permalink

Well, I can help you if you want and make dedicated tutorials, just tell me what you need and I record something for you or write :)

Jean Discorfano

Posted on 11/17/13 6:15:49 PM Permalink

Aaron Roberts

Posted on 9/13/13 3:46:19 PM Permalink

Here's a resource I referred to once recently when talking to an adult about Camera Raw. It could be a good way to start off. Then, maybe some videos of people processing photos in Adobe Camera Raw will help develop understanding.

Nancy Parker

Posted on 9/15/13 10:53:18 PM Permalink

Thanks so much Aaron. I am learning along with students.