HELP - I am doing research and want to collaborate with those who teach film/video and want to, or are working in a "flipped Classroom"

My name is Katherine Yamashita and I teach "Film Arts", video and animation at the high school level in a Toronto, Ontario arts focus program. I would like to flip my 2 credit, grade 9 Film Arts" class next September. I am doing research and want to collaborate with those who teach film/video and want to, or are working in a "flipped Classroom".

I am willing to share ideas, and content. This is also an action research investigation so I hope to publish my results and share them sometime late this year.

Please let me know if you would like to talk, share, inform, collaborate!


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Dimitri Merritt

Posted on 3/20/15 7:18:55 AM Permalink

Hello Kathy. I have to be honest and confess that I have never heard the term "flipped Classroom", so I went onto the internet and read up about it. Can you please help me out. From what I read, it is, what I would term, pre-course material .. .with the added feature that it is specific to short video clips (from what I read and my limited understanding regarding the term). If my understanding is correct and we just use another term (i.e. pre-work) why is it only videos that are being used? Obviously I must have missed the plot here but in our industry pre-work consists of Virtual Classrooms, videos, animations, etc.

Another point to keep in mind is that I teach adults and not children i.e. I am not sure if I am of any value.

Before I volunteer my services can you clarify my understanding.

Thank you


Colin Byers

Posted on 3/20/15 2:15:48 AM Permalink

Hi Kathy,

I teach Media Arts in Alberta and I'd love to work on a flipped classroom project with you! Currently I work in a blended environment, so flipping my class will be the next step. I'd be more than happy to share resources with you, let me know if you're interested.


Katherine Yamashita

Posted on 3/20/15 3:33:12 AM Permalink


That's wonderful! I am so excited. I have done some research and will be putting my first flipped lessons together over the next few days. I will also share my research notes. I have friends over today and will likely get started tomorrow afternoon or on Saturday. I will keep you posted!

Colin Byers

Posted on 3/20/15 2:24:50 PM Permalink

Sounds good Kathy! I look forward to it :)

Katherine Yamashita

Posted on 5/6/15 11:18:14 AM Permalink

HI Colin, Sorry it has taken so long to get back in touch. The application for permission to do research in my board requires an 8 page document including lit review so it took me a while to get in. I plan to formally start flipping my grade 9 class this Sept, but I have started to give them flipped lessons once a week and it is going pretty well. It is good to get some kinks out early before the formal start of my study. My first lessons are based on Video Co-pilot, not my own stuff, and it is going really well. Students want to learn Flash next. I want to show them some animation they can do in Photoshop first.

I am a bit swamped right now. Just recovering from marrying my son off a week and a half ago as well as dealing with school end. Perhaps we can meet virtually in June and make some sharing plans?

Colin Byers

Posted on 5/6/15 1:34:18 PM Permalink

I know just how it is Katherine :) If you want to touch base in June, that would be great. I have an Adobe Connect room we could use to meet online if you like. Also, if you're looking to teach flash for animation you may want to check out the following playlist I made in YouTube. It features animation tutorials from one of our previous media arts instructors and Draw with Jazza (an Australian who has many useful videos).

Talk to you soon!

Tyler Dockery

Posted on 3/17/15 4:28:47 PM Permalink

Easy ways to flip your classroom:

  1. At the beginning of your class, write two major topics from your last class on the board, and divide your class into groups of two people. Have one student explain the topic of their choice to his neighbor. Follow this with the other student explaining the other topic. At the end of the discussion time (say 2 minutes per questions), discuss your understanding of the topics to the students as a whole. Students with questions may be too worried or self-concious to ask the teacher in front of the class, but they are not afraid to ask their neighbors. Alternately, the neighbor may have a great way of explaining the idea to another student.
  2. The ultimate flipping of the classroom is having a student lecture to the class. At the beginning of your semester/learning unit, set aside a topic for each student, laying out the chapter in the book, and the date in which they'll be presenting to the class. Suggestion might include:
    • Name of the topic (dutch angle)
    • Short explanation of what it is and how its used (used to show disorientation, strangeness)
    • Some kind of presentation materials (posterboard outlining how to do this, or drawings to hit the learning modalities of students who cannot learn by hearing words, and something that can sit in the classroom all week)
    • Some kind of online demonstration (links to 2-3 web pages outlining the topic and 1-2 youtube videos demonstrating the topic or how to create it)
    • two minute Q&A session (don't kill the student)
3. Perhaps a group project in which a group of students builds one of the pieces shown in the $20 filmmaker series, along with a short demonstration on how it was made, how its used, and a link that can be visited out of class

4. Students could record a mini-lecture through a cam-recording at home (webcam in computer, camera, phone, etc.). Materials could be uploaded to as a private account (unreleased) which the student could show on the overhead or give a link to other students. In this way, several students could record their materials, edit and adjust, get experience to upload, etc.

PROBLEM: some parents/teachers/administrators/schools might have problems (some major problems) with students (minors especially) having a web presence, so tread lightly.

Katherine Yamashita

Posted on 3/17/15 11:07:34 PM Permalink

Thanks so much Tyler for these great suggestions. I will be starting to put together my resources tomorrow. I will add these strategies to the mix and post here when I am done.

Katherine Yamashita

Posted on 3/2/15 4:10:51 PM Permalink

Both, it would just be great to work with others to create a collection on a number of film production and filmmaking topics.

K I will be starting to record and compile resources during my March Break which in in two weeks.

Adobe Education

Posted on 3/18/15 6:37:27 PM Permalink

Katherine Yamashita

Posted on 3/20/15 3:34:02 AM Permalink

Thanks so much for the link. I will look over it tomorrow :)

Jered Martinez

Posted on 3/2/15 3:01:10 PM Permalink

Sounds interesting.

Are you looking for individuals to film flipped lessons on various topics: three point lighting, workflow, editing, etc?

Or just examples to go by?

Katherine Yamashita

Posted on 3/20/15 3:34:59 AM Permalink

I am looking for lessons to share as well as examples. I think that a group of us should be able to accomplish more than just one of us can.